10 Reasons to Visit Libya

Tourism in Libya is an industry that is heavily influenced by the Libyan Civil War. After the civil war in the country, the situation has not improved yet. In 2017, many governments warned their citizens not to visit Libya; United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Hungary, Latvia, Italy, Poland, South Korea, China and Japan.

Libya is known for its ancient Greek and Roman remains and Sahara desert scenes. Here are 10 reasons to go to Libya.

1. Kirene

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 1

Today, Shattah is located in the Libyan borders of Kirene, one of the oldest and most important Greek cities in the region. In 74 BC became a Roman city. This city, which has been home to many civilizations and cultures for many years, has become a ruined city today. As a result of the excavations, many historical remains were encountered. If you are here, visit this city, which is like an open-air museum.

2. Misurata

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 2

Located on the north-west of Libya, Misurata is the third largest city in the country with a population of about 360 thousand. It is also an important port city. Apart from this, it is also known as the trade capital of the country. There are many historic buildings and natural beauty areas. If you are here, visit the tourist attractions such as Misrata Park, Misrata Main Mosque, Koztik Tower and Araar Beach.

3. Benghazi

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 3

Benghazi, located on the Mediterranean coast, is the second largest city in Libya. This city, which has been in Ottoman administration for many years, has an important place in history. But in World War II, the city suffered a lot. Historical buildings have been ruined. But after a short period of fighting, it recovered itself and got a modern look. There are many lakes, parks, gardens and historic buildings. Especially five important ancient Greek cities are found here.

4. Gurgi Mosque

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 4

The Georgian Mosque, situated in the middle of the old city of Tripoli, the capital city of the country and the largest city of the country, is an Ottoman camel built by the Georgian wise merchant Mustafa Bey under the orders of Karaman Yusuf Pasha between 1795-1832. The mosque is remarkable in architecture, especially the minaret is very attractive. It is one of the important touristic points of the country.

5. Murzuq Castle

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 5

Murzuq Castle, located in the Murzuq city of Fizan District of Libya, is a historical city belonging to the Ottoman period. This castle has witnessed important events in history. There are many traces of Muslims on the fortress walls.

6. Leptis Magna

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 6

Leptis Magna, located about 130 km from the capital, Tripoli, is an important Roman city. There are many historical ruins here. Even today, it is worth seeing. The history of this city dates back to 1000 BC.

7. Acacus Mountains

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 7

The Acacus Mountains, situated in the desert-lined part of Libya, is a mountainous community. Acquiring an important place for the country, this mountain has remarkable features. For example, in the desert, healing plants grow on the mountain. There are also stunning views on the mountain in different styles. Apart from these, there are artworks on a rock in history. These artworks have a very important place in the illumination of history. These works are under the protection of Unesco since 1985.

8. Martyrs Square

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 8

Martyr Square, the capital city of the country and the biggest city in Tripoli, is the most popular square of the country. During various periods of history, he took names such as Green Square, Independence Square and Italian Square. There are many historic buildings on the square. Apart from this, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers are also on this square. In short, the heart of the city is on this square.

9. Tripoli Cathedral

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 9

The capital of Tripoli, located on the El Cazair Square of Tripoli, the capital city of the country and the largest city, is the Roman Catholic Church built in 1870. The former overthrow leader of the country was restored by Muammer Gaddafi between 1999 and 2000 and turned into a community. While doing this, the architecture has not changed its structure.

10. Red Castle Museum

10 Reasons to Visit Libya 10

The Red Castle, located in Tripoli, the capital city of the country and the largest city, was opened in 1919 as a museum with the restoration of the castle. You can see many works here. You will find everything you wonder about the history and culture of the country in this museum.