Where is Equatorial Guinea?

Equatorial Guinea is located in the Northern Africa region at latitude 1.650801 and longitude 10.267895 and is part of the African continent.

The DMS coordinates for the center of the country are:

  • 1° 39' 2.88'' N
  • 10° 16' 4.42'' E

You can see the location of Equatorial Guinea on the world map below:

Pin pointing out Equatorial Guinea on a map.

Equatorial Guinea Neighboring Countries

The neighboring countries of Equatorial Guinea (GQ) are:

  1. Cameroon (CM)
  2. Gabon (GA)

Maritime Borders

Equatorial Guinea bordres with the Gulf of Guinea.

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Equatorial Guinea Key Facts

CountryEquatorial Guinea
CoordinatesLatitude: 1.650801
Longitude: 10.267895
Country CodesAlpha 2: GQ
Alpha 3: GNQ
Country Flag Emoji🇬🇶
Int. Phone Prefix+240
Capital cityMalabo
Northern Africa
Country Area28,051 sq km
Population 20211,449,891
World Rank: 150
Median Age20.9
Life expectancy60.6
Major languagesSpanish (official) 67.6%, other (includes Fang, Bubi, Portuguese (official), French (official)) 32.4% (1994 census)
UTC/GMT TimeNumber of time zones: 1
  • UTC+01:00
Internet TLD.gq
Biggest AirportMalabo International Airport Aeropuerto Internacional de Malabo (SSG)
Average temperature24.55 °C
76.19 °F
Administrative Divisions2 regions 8 provinces
Political systemPresidential representative democratic republic

Equatorial Guinea Economy Facts

World Bank Income GroupUpper middle income
World Bank RegionSub-Saharan Africa
CurrencyCFA Franc (XAF)
GDP in 2020$10.1 (billions of USD)
World Rank: 145
GDP per capita in 2020$7,198
World Rank: 81
Major Industries / Economic SectorsOil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, energy
Top 5 Import CountriesChina, United States, France, Spain, Portugal
Top 5 Export CountriesUnited States, China, Spain, France, Netherlands

Biggest Cities in Equatorial Guinea

Here are the largest cities in Equatorial Guinea based on 2021 data:

City Population
Bata 250,770
Malabo 187,302
Ebebiyin 36,565
Anisoc 16,626
Bengonbeyene 15,644
Aconibe 13,382
Rebola 10,000
Evinayong 9,155
Luba 7,739
Mongomo 7,251

Map of Equatorial Guinea with the Largest Cities

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