Where is Neom? A Glimpse into Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic City

An upside-down skyscraper, a line-shaped city, the largest floating structure on the planet. These aren’t settings from a science fiction novel; they are real projects currently in development as part of a futuristic megaproject called Neom.

Neom is a first-of-its-kind project that is in construction where the desert, sea, and three continents meet. It has received hundreds of billions of investment dollars and has been underway for more than six years now.

So where is Neom? In this post, we’ll look at maps detailing Neom’s exact location in northwestern Saudi Arabia. We’ll also learn more about the goals and scope of this massive undertaking.   

Where is Neom?

Neom and the sinai peninsula political map neom a planned
A political map of Neom and the Sinai Peninsula

Neom is situated in the northwest corner of Saudi Arabia, occupying a strategic location that spans over 10,000 square miles (approximately 26,500 square kilometers).

The area stretches across the Red Sea coastline, bordering Jordan to the north and Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba. Its geographical positioning is not only picturesque but also strategically significant, bridging three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe.

  • Geographic Highlights

The region’s diverse geography includes coastal plains along the Red Sea, mountain ranges with peaks rising over 8,000 feet (2,500 meters) and vast desert expanses. This varied landscape offers a unique blend of natural beauty and challenging environments, setting the stage for Neom’s innovative development projects.

A central theme of development projects in Neom is how they work with the natural environment, leveraging the natural qualities of the landscape.

  • Accessibility and Connectivity
Neom short distance flights to major cities map it is
Short-distance flights from Neom

Neom’s location was chosen to enhance its accessibility and connectivity to major global markets. The proximity to the Suez Canal, a vital maritime route, underscores its potential as a global hub for trade, innovation, and culture.

The project aims to leverage its strategic location to facilitate easy access to international markets, attract tourists, and serve as a crossroads for international collaboration. As illustrated in the above image, it’s possible to reach most major cities in Africa, Asia, and Europe from Neom with a flight of six hours or less.

  • Regional Integration

The creation of Neom as a SEZ in this region should enable Saudi Arabia to foster regional cooperation and economic development, as the location allows for direct engagement with neighboring countries and integrates Neom into a broader regional context.

In summary, Neom’s location is a key component of the project vision, combining natural beauty, strategic significance, and a commitment to regional and global integration. As a bridge between continents and cultures, Neom is poised to be a dynamic center of commerce, innovation, and cross-cultural exchange in the heart of the Middle East.

What is Neom?

Regions and places of neom political map planned smart city
Neom political map

Neom is a visionary megaproject under development in Saudi Arabia, aiming to be a model of future living. It is an ambitious endeavor that seeks to blend innovative technology, economic strategies, and sustainable living to create a blueprint for the cities of tomorrow.

Below, we explore Neom across three key dimensions: its role as a special economic zone (SEZ), life at Neom, and sustainability.

  • Special Economic Zone

One of the defining characteristics of Neom is its designation as a SEZ, which means it will operate under regulatory frameworks that are distinct from the rest of Saudi Arabia. These frameworks are tailored to attract investment, foster economic diversification, and drive growth in cutting-edge sectors like technology, renewable energy, and biotechnology.

With a commitment to innovation, Neom is expected to offer competitive incentives to businesses, including tax breaks, customs duty relief, and streamlined legal processes. This economic model is aimed at creating a thriving business ecosystem that is conducive to growth, experimentation, and global collaboration.

  • Urban Living

In addition to its special economic role, Neom promises a new paradigm for urban living, characterized by an integration of smart city technologies and a high quality of life. The project plans to incorporate artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, and autonomous transportation to create an efficient, seamless living experience for its residents.

Housing and urban designs in Neom are envisioned to be cutting-edge, prioritizing comfort, accessibility, and community. Furthermore, the initiative aims to foster a multicultural environment where innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural exchange can flourish.

The emphasis on digital infrastructure also aims to ensure that education, healthcare, and public services set global benchmarks for excellence and accessibility.

  • Sustainability

Sustainability is another cornerstone of the Neom project, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to environmental conservation and management. The city aims to be powered entirely by renewable energy sources, with a significant focus on solar and wind power.

This commitment extends to its water management strategies, where desalination and recycling technologies will play a pivotal role in ensuring sustainable water use. Neom is also planning to protect and enhance its natural landscapes, creating green spaces and conserving its biodiversity.

By integrating sustainable practices across all aspects of design and living, Neom aspires to become a leading example of ecological stewardship and sustainability in urban development.

Neom Development Projects

Neom regions and places gray political map planned smart city
Neom regions and projects map

Also referred to as the regions of Neom, there are a variety of exciting projects involved in the creation of Neom. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at three of them: The Line, Oxagon, and Sindalah.

The Line

An artistic rendering of a bird’s eye view of The Line extending across Saudi Arabia as a giant, reflective silver bar.
Artistic rendering of The Line in Neom, Saudi Arabia

All of the projects associated with Neom are fascinating, The Line especially so. Upon completion, The Line will be a linear city that extends over 170 kilometers (106 miles) from the Gulf of Aqaba in the southwestern corner of Neom to its eastern border.

Aptly named, the city will be just 200 meters (about 650 feet) wide, truly resembling a long, thin line from an aerial perspective. The development of this city is closely tied to the Neom ambition of creating an environment where nature and urban life coexist harmoniously.

This innovative concept aims to challenge traditional city planning norms by redefining urban spaces, integrating technological innovation, and modeling

  • Redefining Urban Spaces

The Line is designed to prioritize pedestrian access and eliminate the need for cars and streets, thereby creating a community that champions walkability, nature, and sustainability. It promises a unique blend of residential, commercial, and leisure spaces, all integrated within a narrow footprint that stretches across the desert, mountains, and coastal areas.

This configuration ensures that essential services and amenities are never more than a five-minute walk away, fundamentally altering the concept of urban convenience and accessibility.

  • Technological Innovation and Sustainability

At the heart of The Line’s vision is the integration of smart city technologies and renewable energy solutions.

In addition to operating entirely on renewable energy, the city will create an ultra-efficient urban environment through the use of autonomous vehicles and logistics hubs, significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional city living.

  • A Model for Future Cities

The Line aims to accommodate nine million residents upon completion, offering a quality of life previously unimagined in urban settings. It stands as a testament to NEOM’s commitment to creating a futuristic city that does not just accommodate its inhabitants but enhances their way of life.

In essence, The Line is not just a component of the NEOM project but a bold step towards redefining the future of urban living. It represents a vision where innovation, technology, and ecological principles come together to create a sustainable and thriving urban habitat for the future.


A visual representation of the Oxagon project from a bird’s eye view.  
Artistic representation of the Oxagon in Neom, Saudi Arabia

Oxagon is a significant and innovative component of the Neom megaproject, designed to be one of the world’s largest floating industrial complexes.

Located on the Red Sea, near the southern end of Neom, Oxagon is set to redefine the concept of industrial zones, blending advanced technology, sustainability, and a human-centric approach to industrial development.

  • Advanced Industries

Oxagon is positioned to become a leading global hub for advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, and technology-led industrial growth. Its focus on sectors such as clean energy, water technology, and robotics underscores Neom’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Oxagon aims to attract leading companies and startups from around the world, offering them a state-of-the-art infrastructure and an ecosystem that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth.

  • Sustainable and Smart Infrastructure

Sustainability is at the core of Oxagon’s design and operational philosophy. The industrial city plans to leverage renewable energy sources extensively, with a particular emphasis on solar and wind power, aligning with Neom’s goal of minimizing environmental impact.

Water conservation and recycling, along with waste reduction technologies, are also integral to ensuring Oxagon’s operations contribute to a sustainable future. The incorporation of smart city technologies will further enhance efficiency and sustainability, from logistics and supply chain management to the day-to-day operations of businesses within Oxagon.

  • Contributions to the Global Economy

With its strategic location on the Red Sea, Oxagon is well-placed to serve as a key node in global trade routes, particularly between Europe, Africa, and Asia. Its focus on innovative industries and sustainable practices positions Oxagon to contribute significantly to the global economy, driving forward advancements in manufacturing, renewable energy, and digital technologies.


An artistic representation of a bird’s eye view of the planned Sindalah resort complex.
Artistic rendering of Sindalah in Neom, Saudi Arabia

Sindalah is an integral part of the Neom megaproject, intended to become a premier luxury destination that combines leisure, tourism, and lifestyle in an unprecedented manner.

As Neom’s beacon of hospitality and leisure, Sindalah aims to set new benchmarks in luxury travel, blending natural beauty with unparalleled service and experiences.

  • Luxury Destination

Located in the Red Sea, Sindalah is envisioned as a luxury island destination that will attract tourists and visitors from around the globe. With its focus on high-end hospitality, exclusive resorts, and world-class amenities, Sindalah embodies Neom’s ambition to create a destination that offers an unmatched leisure experience.

The island is designed to cater to the sophisticated tastes of global travelers, offering luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, and premium entertainment options.

  • Nautical Hub

Sindalah is also set to become a nautical hub, with state-of-the-art marinas that can accommodate yachts and sailing vessels of all sizes. The development plans include creating a vibrant maritime community, where sailing, yachting, and water sports can flourish.

By hosting international sailing events and regattas, Sindalah aims to position itself at the forefront of the global nautical scene.

  • Economic and Cultural Impact

Beyond its role as a luxury destination, Sindalah is expected to have a significant economic and cultural impact. It will create job opportunities, stimulate local and international investment, and contribute to the diversification of Saudi Arabia’s economy.

Additionally, Sindalah is poised to become a cultural hub, showcasing the rich heritage of the region while fostering international cultural exchange.

  • Commitment to Sustainability

Aligning with Neom’s overarching principles, Sindalah emphasizes sustainability in its development and operations. The project incorporates eco-friendly practices and technologies, aiming to minimize its environmental footprint while ensuring that guests enjoy a pristine natural setting.

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