Best World Map Canvas (4 Top in 2024)

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The convenience of web-based maps on handheld devices does not dull the beauty of a full-sized world map canvas.

Smartphone map apps are excellent choices for finding your way to a new restaurant, but a big world map canvas on your wall lets you see the layout of the world in a much different way.

Whether it is a gift for a loved one, a friend, or yourself, check out these hand-picked world map on canvas options that will make any room look amazing:

1. Great Big Canvas (Our Pick)

A colorful abstract world map with splashes of various colors on a light beige background.
World Map Urban Watercolor Wall Art

This digital printing company specializes in the conversion of inspirational wall art into wall-mountable canvas prints. It offers a curated collection of world maps.

Artists design each piece and license it to GBC, which means you are purchasing the art before printing.

GBC uses fade-resistant archival ink for a fade-resistant museum artistic feel. They do not create iridescent or true gloss finishes. The only world map canvas finishes they produce are:

  • Matte—A flat finish for a high-contrast appearance on a cotton canvas. This preserves image details with an art museum feel.
  • Semi-gloss—Another low glare finish printed on polyester canvas. This quality reflects just enough to suggest the idea of an oil-painted map.

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World map prices depend on several factors, including size, licensing, and framing. GBC allows payments with PayPal and major credit cards.

2. Not On The High Street

A world map canvas hangs above a table with a vase and books, beside a white chair with a blanket.
Giant Canvas World Map by “Not On The High Street”

This online marketplace carries items from the U.K.’s best creative small businesses and the original works of the sellers. The company is in Oxfordshire, U.K., and includes specialist cartographers who design a comprehensive catalog of maps for practical use and home decor.

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The ready-made canvas frame finish option is wrapped around a wooden frame to create frameless borders. This minimalist look blends well with all interior styles and contemporary furniture. These varieties are ready to hang on the wall and supplied with a hanging kit.

For example, a popular offering is the giant canvas world map by Maps International. It comes in multiple distinct styles, including political blue ocean, complete with boundaries, cities, waters, and countries in different shades.

3. Clock Canvas

Three-panel canvas art of a colorful world map above a white sofa with a gray cushion and a blue throw blanket.
Artistic World Map Canvas by Clock Canvas

Transform a bare wall into a spectacular gallery with this Clock Canvas artistic world map piece. Such world maps are not geographically accurate. Instead, they focus on rendering the world artistically.

This world map is available in different sizes, from 12×18 inches to 30×40 inches. It is a multi-panel artwork with three canvas prints that develop a beautiful layout.

The framing options available include:

  • Unframed canvas print—It does not include a picture frame or stretcher bar. These artworks are delivered rolled in a protective tube.
  • Standard gallery wrap—The artistic map rendition is pre-stretched over bars to create an internal supporting frame. They are ideal for large spaces and allow for viewing the artwork directly without the distraction of frames.
  • Framed prints—They lend an elegant touch to your wall and can impact the artwork’s impression. For example, a solid black frame border maintains your focus on the artistic map.
  • Framed gallery wrap—This framing option brings depth to your space. An additional black floating frame gives the map a deep dimensional appearance.

4. iCanvas

A canvas world map hanging above a grey sofa with cushions.
World Map Canvas Print by iCanvas

It is easy to overlook iCanvas world map art canvas prints, as they do not have the same clout as industry giants (like Elephant Stock and GBC.) But just because they do not have a big following does not mean the shop is unworthy of your consideration. Most of their business entails selling pre-existing licensed map artwork to corporate clients.

The typical 12×12 inches artwork with a .75-inch depth costs $70, and the price rises significantly to $230 for 37×37 inches maps. Plus, stretcher keys are delivered on the back of the artwork to tighten the canvas if it loosens. Maps also come with screws and hanging instructions.

Prices can vary according to season because of discounts offered to customers with coupon codes. Free nationwide shipping is available to the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

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Wrapping Up

What information do you need on the map? Does it matter if the map is geographically accurate, or do you want an art piece? This overview of the best world map canvas options will help add a personal touch to your space. You just have to decide what you value in your map.