About us

Our mission is to publish unique and up-to-date maps along with interesting and useful content.

Mappr started as a passion project by a group of cartography lovers. Today, contributors include map engineers, city and urban planners, graphic designers, and content writers from around the world.


We are aware of some outdated content and are currently re-writing and updating the majority of the content, including maps.

Your ideas are important to us. You are welcome to give us your feedback once you see and like our content. In this way, we will continue to provide you with more quality and up-to-date content.

Also, if you spot errors in our maps or content and want to suggest corrections, please e-mail us to feedback@mappr.co.

Jobs at Mappr

If you would like to write or edit content for Mappr, please email us at jobs@mappr.co.

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