Static Map Generator with Marker

Experience our complimentary Google static map generator powered by ChatGPT, Zapier, and the Google Static Maps API.


Static Map Maker Instructions


The Mappr map maker allows you to customize the color of markers on your map. You can choose from several colors including blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black, and white. Simply specify the color you want for your marker to change how it looks on the map.

Custom Icons

You can also choose a custom icon (up to 64x64px) by sharing the icon url. E.g. Show Rome on the map using this custom maker:

Map Types

Supported Map Types:
You can prompt the bot to create a:
roadmap (created by default)
terrain (physical relief map),
satellite, or
hybrid (satellite and roadmap).

Custom Features

Here are example prompts for custom map features:

  1. Make Roads Less Detailed: “Please generate a map with all roads displayed in a simplified manner.”
  2. Color Water Bodies Blue: “Create a map where all water bodies are colored blue.”
  3. Highlight Parks in Green: “I need a map that highlights parks and natural landscapes in bright green.”
  4. Hide Points of Interest: “Can you provide a map that hides all points of interest?”
  5. Emphasize Highways in Yellow: “Generate a map with highways highlighted in yellow.”
  6. Dim Building Visibility: “Show me a map where buildings have simplified visibility.”
  7. Change Landscape to Light Brown: “I’d like a map with all landscapes colored in light brown.”
  8. Red Transit Lines: “Create a map that emphasizes public transit lines in red.”
  9. Remove Labels: “I need a map with all labels removed for a cleaner look.”

Adjusting Map Zoom Levels

The Google Static Maps API allows you to customize the zoom level of the static map images. Here is a summary of the zoom levels:

  1. Zoom Level 0: The entire world is displayed on the map.
  2. Zoom Level 1-19: The map is zoomed in progressively, with higher zoom levels showing more detailed views of the map.
  3. Zoom Level 20: The highest zoom level available, showing the most detailed view of the map.

You can specify the desired zoom level in request to adjust the level of detail shown on the map. Here are a few examples to help you choose the perfect zoom level (you can ask to zoom in or out prompt a certain zoom level, e.g. “Make a map showing Tokyo at zoom level 5”.

Zoom Level Examples

1 = World Map

A  static map of the world with a red marker over the South Korea region, indicating a specific location. The map is credited to Google.

5 = Continent View Map

A static map highlighting the country of Japan, with a red marker indicating the Tokyo area.

10 = City View Map

A static map displays Tokyo and nearby areas like Saitama, Chiba, Yokohama, with marked roads and geographical features.

15 = Streets View Map

A detailed static map of Tokyo Tower area, Tokyo, Japan, with markers for points of interest, streets, parks, and businesses.

20 = Buildings View Map

A  static map image showing a section of a city with various points of interest marked, such as cafes, shops, and an ATM.