Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia

Latvia is a Baltic state in Northern Europe. Its borders lies to the north of Estonia, to the south of Lithuania, Russia to the east, Belarus to the south-east and the Baltic Sea to the west. The most famous travel destination is Riga, the capital of the World Heritage. In 2017, the country visited by 2.2 million tourists.

Ten reasons to visit Latvia, half of the country covered with forests.

1. Riga

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 1

Riga is the capital of the country and the largest city with a population of approximately 612 thousand. In fact, it is also known as the biggest city of the Baltic states. It is also known as the center of culture, politics, education, finance, trade, industry and tourism of the country. When we collect all of them, we have a great city profile. Comfortable hotels, stylish restaurants, spas, shopping places and entertainment venues are hosted here throughout the year. Here you will find the Cathedral of Dogus, the Statue of Liberty, the Battle of Latvian Museum, the National Art Museum of Latvia, St. Petersburg. Do not miss to see tourist attractions such as Peter’s Church, the Occupation Museum, Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, Blackheads House and Riga Castle.

2. Jurmala

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 2

Situated 25 km west of the capital Riga, Jurmala is a city on the shores of the Riga Bay. About 56 thousand people live here. There is a wonderful beach of 32 km length. For this beach, the population of the city is five times in summer. Sea tourism is one of the places that comes to mind first. It is also known as the tourism pearl of the country. Other than that, there are enormous spas in the city. There are many thermal hotels here. Apart from these, there are many historical buildings in the city. Everything you call for sightseeing, peace and entertainment is available here. This city can be preferred for a nice holiday with your loved ones.

3. Liepaja

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 3

Known as “the place where wind blows”, this city has wonderful beaches, historical buildings and wonderful natural beauties to see. You can come here with your loved ones and enjoy a great holiday. In this city, which does not keep ice even in winter months, the naval forces of the country are also established here. It is an important tourist city for the country and hosts many visits throughout the year.

4. Cesis

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 4

Situated in the valley of the Gauja River, Cesis is a tourist town that must be visited with its immaculate air and vast forests. The history of this town dates back to the 13th century. The town’s stone streets, historic buildings and unspoilt nature attract a large number of tourists throughout the year.

5. Daugavpils

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 5

It is an important trade center due to its location. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty areas to be visited and seen here. If you are here, visit important historical sites such as Daugavpils Castle, Daugavpils Church, Daugavpils Hill. Apart from this, the theater, cultural centers and art museums attract a large number of tourists throughout the year.

6. River Gauja

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 6

The Gauja River, 452 km long, is the largest river of the country, even the region. Located on the border of Latvia and Estonia, this river offers a wonderful visual feast for the walk. The 400-year-old sandstone cliffs that surround the river are dazzling with its untouched nature and enormous scenery. Approximately 93 kilometers of this river are part of the Gauja National Park.

7. Kuldiga

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 7

Located in the west of the country, Kuldiga is one of the important historical cities of the Kurzeme region. The date of this place dates back to approximately 1200 years. There are many historical buildings here. Of course, if the main city is popular, it is hosting the world’s largest waterfall, Venta waterfall, with a width of 240 meters. People are visiting this city all over the world for this waterfall. Otherwise, this city falls; St. Visit the cathedral church, Kuldiga brick bridge and tourist attractions such as Aleksupite. Today this city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

8. Gauja National Park

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 8

Gauja National Park, located on the Sigulda city border, 53 km east of Riga, is the country’s largest national park with a total area of 917.4 km² established in 1973. The rich biodiversity, breathtaking scenery, peaceful and calm atmosphere is a place you should visit. It is one of the most visited places in the country. If you want to get away from the city crowd and rest in a calm and peaceful area and stay in harmony with nature, this is the place for you.

9. Gutmanis Cave

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 9

Located between Sigulda Castle and Turaida Castle, Gutmanis Cave is known as the largest and highest cave of the region. There is a wonderful natural water coming out of the cave and it is believed that this water is healing. It is said to be particularly good for skin beauty. The cave is at a depth of 19 meters and has a wonderful view.

10. Turaida Castle

Tourism in Latvia: 10 Reasons to Visit Latvia 10

Turaida Castle, located on the banks of the Gauja River in the widespread area, is an important defense fortress built in 1214 years. This castle played an important role throughout history. This building, which is built using red bricks, attracts considerable attention to architecture. It was damaged in a fire in 1776 and was later restored to work.