10 Reasons to Visit Ireland

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Ireland:

1. Happy Irish People


It is very difficult to find another country anywhere in the world where people are so laughing, greeting people they do not know, and giving so much to give someone a good answer.

2. World Famous Irish Pubs

World Famous Irish Pubs
World Famous Irish Pubs

Irish Pubs located in almost every city in Europe. Wooden texture, colorful concept, environs, but it is famous for Guinness first.

Now, in this concept that comes to mind, add an enthusiastic and happy Irish crowd, overly entertaining Irish music, and warm-blooded people who cannot stop dancing.

Temple Bar is the center of Dublin, a pub paradise in Dublin. The most touristy pub, The Temple Bar is the symbol of the city.

3. Irish Music

Irish Music
Irish Music

You will mumble for at least a week when you are back from this beautiful country. The Irish Pub concept is a bit lacking without Irish music.

4. Irish Greenery and Nature

Irish Greenery and Nature
Irish Greenery and Nature

The capital city of the country is called the technology center of Europe, but the city center is full of excellent beauty parks. Phoenix Park is one of the largest city parks in Europe and in the city center. Most of the Places to Visit in Dublin are abundant green beauties.

5. Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty

The beauty of the postcard taste that does not end with counting can be the greatest reason to go to this fantastic country. Cliffs of Moher cliffs, volcanic footprints of giants Giants Causeway, centuries-old trees Kings Road, a large and small between two ponds of naturalness Glendalaugh and more …

6. History of Ireland

Natural Beauty
Natural Beauty

You might think that there is not a place that stands out with respect to history in Ireland, but you can change your mind when you go there and discover the history of the country and the dozens of remains that are each a different story. Furthermore, There are more than 350 castles throughout the country.

7. European Technology Center Dublin

European Technology Center Dublin
European Technology Center Dublin

The capital city of the country is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe with its high-tech industrial zones, business and finance centers.

Moreover, European centers of the world’s most prestigious technology companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Intel, Pay-Pal, eBay, LinkedIn are in Dublin.

If you make an appointment, you can visit all these companies.

8. Arts and Literature

Arts and Literature
Arts and Literature

Selected as ‘Literature Capital’ by Unesco. Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Bernard Shaw, W.B Yeats, Seamus Heaney, Bram Stoke, Jonathan Swift are all world-renowned writers.

Furhetmore, you can find magnets all around the city with famous writings from these authors.

9. Events

St. Patrick
St. Patrick’s Day

Festivals paradise. It is almost impossible for your dates of your departure to Ireland to coincide with any festival.

Moreover, St. Patrick’s Day is the national holiday day celebrated remembering the patron saints of the country and an environment comparable to the most enthusiastic festivals of the world.

We can say the festival is a summary of the festive crowd, parades, splendid costumes, street theaters and never-empty stalls.

Cork Sailing, Galway Arts, Galway International Oyster Festival, Dublin Writer’s festival celebrate…there are more than 400 festivals a year!

10. Irish Culture

Irish Culture
Irish Culture

Irish, which is a neighboring country with England and an isolated region other than the Viking raids of history, has actually managed to protect its own cultural heritage.

Everywhere is the Irish script, the original architects, the colorful doorways, their food, and of course, the indulgence of their culture.

Tourism in Ireland

Tourism is one of the major contributors to the economy of the Republic of Ireland and in 2017 nearly 9 million people visited Ireland.

Approximately 5 billion euros in income per year are provided directly from economic activities related to tourists.

In 2011 alone, Ireland was voted ‘Favourite holiday destination in the World’ by readers of Frommer’s Guide.

Lonely Planet listed Ireland as:

  • the world’s friendliest country and 
  • Cork City as one of the top ten cities in the world and
  • the Irish tourist boards website, Ireland.com, as the best tourist board website in the world.

England is the country that sends the most tourists to Ireland. England followed by the USA, Germany and France.