Where is Paraguay?

Paraguay is located in the South America region at latitude -23.442503 and longitude -58.443832 and is part of the South American continent.

The DMS coordinates for the center of the country are:

  • 23° 26' 33.01'' S
  • 58° 26' 37.80'' W

You can see the location of Paraguay on the world map below:

Pin showing Paraguay on a map

Paraguay Neighboring Countries

The neighboring countries of Paraguay (PY) are:

  1. Argentina (AR)
  2. Bolivia (Plurinational State Of) (BO)
  3. Brazil (BR)

Paraguay is a landlocked country, which means it does not have direct access to the open ocean.

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Paraguay Key Facts

CoordinatesLatitude: -23.442503
Longitude: -58.443832
Country CodesAlpha 2: PY
Alpha 3: PRY
Country Flag Emoji🇵🇾
Int. Phone Prefix+595
Capital cityAsunción
South America
South America
Country Area406,752 sq km
Population 20217,219,641
World Rank: 103
Median Age25.6
Life expectancy70.3
Major languagesSpanish (official) and Guarani (official) 46.3%, only Guarani 34%, only Spanish 15.2%, other (includes Portuguese, German, other indigenous languages) 4.1% , no response .4% (2012 est.)
UTC/GMT TimeNumber of time zones: 1
  • UTC−04:00
Internet TLD.py
Biggest AirportSilvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU)
Average temperature23.55 °C
74.39 °F
Administrative Divisions1 capital 17 departments
Political systemPresidential representative democratic republic

Paraguay Economy Facts

World Bank Income GroupUpper middle income
World Bank RegionLatin America & Caribbean
CurrencyGuarani (PYG)
GDP in 2020$35.4 (billions of USD)
World Rank: 93
GDP per capita in 2020$4,968
World Rank: 100
Major Industries / Economic SectorsAgriculture, manufacturing, energy, services
Top 5 Import CountriesBrazil, Argentina, China, United States, Uruguay
Top 5 Export CountriesBrazil, Argentina, China, United States, Chile

Biggest Cities in Paraguay

Here are the largest cities in Paraguay based on 2021 data:

City Population
Asuncion 524,190
Ciudad del Este 320,782
San Lorenzo 287,977
Pedro Juan Caballero 115,583
Coronel Oviedo 88,101
Ita 81,084
San Antonio 69,976
Encarnacion 69,868
Aregua 67,487
San Ignacio 50,468

Map of Paraguay with the Largest Cities

Other Countries in the South America Region

Paraguay Maps and Regions

The country of Paraguay is located in central South America and divides into three main regions: the eastern Chaco lowlands, the central highlands, and the western Gran Chaco. The eastern Chaco lowlands are a semi-arid region home to the Guaraní people and feature rolling hills and dry forests.

The central highlands are a temperate region, home to the capital city of Asunción and many other large cities. The western Gran Chaco is a sparsely populated, dry region that is home to many indigenous tribes.

Paraguay on the World Map

A  world map highlighting the country of Paraguay in green.
Paraguay highlighted on world political map.

Paraguay is a small country, with a total area of about 406,750 sq km. Paraguayans often refer to the size of their nation by saying it is “as big as a handkerchief” or an “umbrella.”

Paraguay borders both Brazil and Argentina. Its neighbors have been in many border disputes with the nation throughout history.

A color-coded map showing the regions of Paraguay with labels, bordered by Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina. The map is low detail and small in size.
Paraguay Regions Map

GDP is USD 37.7 billion. The country ranks 77th out of 175 countries in GDP per capita. Paraguay’s currency is the Guarani.

Paraguay on the Map of South America

A map of South America features Paraguay in red, bordered by Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina, with a detailed Paraguay flag inset.
Territory of Paraguay on South America continent with the Paraguay flag map.

South America consists of 12 countries including, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, and Uruguay.

The language of Paraguay is Spanish, but other languages are spoken. Indigenous Guaraní is the language of the majority of the people. About 90% of Paraguayans speak both Spanish and Guarani.

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Paraguay Political Map

A political map of Paraguay, highlighting regions and neighboring countries, with an inset map showing its South American location.
Detailed political and road map of Paraguay with capital Asunción, national borders, most important cities, rivers, and lakes.

Paraguay is one of the poorest countries in South America.

The population is about 7,259,565 people.

Since 1811, Paraguay has had more than 150 coups and counter-coups. The first president was José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia, who ruled for life from 1814 to 1840 and did not allow citizens to leave the country or foreigners to enter it without his permission. The government today is a representative democracy.

Paraguay gained independence from Spain in 1811. After independence, a series of dictators ruled and were often corrupt and cruel.

During the late 1800s, Paraguay fought a bloody and disastrous war against Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. This war is known as the War of the Triple Alliance.

Paraguay is a land-locked country in South America, and most of its people live in the eastern region.

Asunción is the capital of Paraguay. The city sits at an elevation of 175 feet above sea level.

The city got its name in honor of the stockade that was erected on the Feast of the Assumption in 1537. It is one of the oldest cities on the continent.

Paraguay Regions

There are 17 regions in the country of Paraguay. They are: Alto Paraná, Amambay, Apa, Boquerón, Caaguazú, Caazapá, Canindeyú, Central, Concepción, Cordillera, Guairá, Itapúa, Misiones, Paraguarí, Presidente Hayes, San Pedro, and Santaní.

1. Departamento de Concepción

The department of Concepción occupies the southern part of Eastern Paraguay. It extends to the Paraguay River. The capital is the city of Concepción.

2. Departamento de San Pedro 

This department is in the southeastern region of Paraguay. It is bordered on the east by Brazil, on the south and west by Argentina, and the north by the departments of Concepción and Itapúa.

The main economic activities are agriculture and cattle raising.

3. Departamento de Cordillera

This department is in the central region of Paraguay. It is bordered on the north by the departments of Central and Presidente Hayes, on the east by Argentina, on the south by Brazil, and on the west by the department of Itapúa.

4. Departamento de Guairá

This department is in the eastern region of Paraguay. Economics activities are agriculture, cattle raising, and the production of timber.

Villarrica is the capital city.

5. Departamento de Caaguazú

This department is in the south-central region of Paraguay. The capital is the city of Coronel Oviedo.

6. Departamento de Caazapá

This department is in the eastern central region of Paraguay. The capital is the city of Caazapá. Orange and mandarin trees, as well as forest hills, are all well-known features of the region.

7. Departamento de Itapúa

This department is in the lower eastern region of Paraguay. It is made up of 30 districts – more than any other district in Paraguay. The city of Encarnación is the department’s capital.

8. Departamento de Misiones

This department is in the southern region of Paraguay. The capital is the city of San Ignacio de Misiones. The capital is San Juan Bautista. It was created in 1906.

9. Departamento de Paraguarí

This department is in the south-central region of Paraguay. The capital is the city of Paraguarí. You will find the Mbatovi and Ybycuí hills here.

10. Departamento de Alto Paraná

This department is in the southern region of Paraguay. It was created in 1943. The capital is Ciudad del Este.

11. Departamento Central

This department is in the central region of Paraguay. The capital is Areguá. Central is the smallest department.

12. Departamento de Ñeembucú

This department is in the southern region of Paraguay. Visit the oldest and most well-preserved Jesuit sites here.

13. Departamento de Amambay

This department is in the northern region of Paraguay. Food, dairy, mills, and yerba industries are the most important sectors. The capital is Pedro Juan Caballero.

14. Departamento de Canindeyú

This department is in the northern region of Paraguay. You can visit the beautiful Salto del Guairá, which has electricity and big embankments. There are 10 districts in the region.

15. Departamento de Presidente Hayes

This department is in the north-central region of Paraguay. The capital is Villa Hayes in honor of American President Rutherford B. Hayes.

16. Departamento de Alto Paraguay

Cerro León hill is the highest point in the northern region of Paraguay. Alto Paraguay also has several national parks.

17. Departamento de Boquerón

This is the largest department and is in the western region of Paraguay. Over 160 educational institutions can be found here.

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