Where is Angola?

Angola is located in the Sub-Saharan Africa region at latitude -11.202692 and longitude 17.873887 and is part of the African continent.

The DMS coordinates for the center of the country are:

  • 11° 12' 9.69'' S
  • 17° 52' 25.99'' E

You can see the location of Angola on the world map below:

Angola Neighboring Countries

The neighboring countries of Angola are:

  • Congo
  • Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)
  • Namibia
  • Zambia
Flag pin pointing out the location of Angola on the Africa map

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Angola Key Facts

Indicator Angola
Coordinates -11.202692, 17.873887
Country code alpha-2 AO
Country code alpha-3 AGO
Int. Phone Prefix +244
Capital city Luanda
Continent Africa
World Bank Region Sub-Saharan Africa
Country area in sq km 1,246,700
Population 2021 33,933,611
Median Age 16.2
Life expectancy 61.6
World Bank income group Lower middle income
Major languages Portuguese 71.2% (official), Umbundu 23%, Kikongo 8.2%, Kimbundu 7.8%, Chokwe 6.5%, Nhaneca 3.4%, Nganguela 3.1%, Fiote 2.4%, Kwanhama 2.3%, Muhumbi 2.1%, Luvale 1%, other 3.6% (2014 est.)
Currency Angolan Kwanza (AON)
GDP in 2020 53.6 billion
GDP per capita in 2020 $1,631
UTC/GMT Time UTC+01:00 Number of time zones: 1
Internet TLD .ao
Biggest Airport Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport (LAD)
Average temperature (in Celsius) 21.55
Administrative Divisions 18 provinces