What is the Capital of Angola?

Luanda is the capital and largest city of Angola. Luanda is also the number one port city, the most important industrial and cultural center. Located on the Atlantic coast of Angola, Luanda is the third most populous city in the world among Portuguese-speaking sites.

Today, the city is undergoing a major urban transformation, and construction continues in many new zoning areas. The country, whose main revenue is exports of oil, diamonds and similar underground riches, is investing heavily in the construction of luxurious and stylish buildings that will change the silhouette of the capital.

When did Luanda Become the Capital?

It is located in the Gulf of Bengo on the Atlantic Ocean coast. It is also the largest city in the country, the administration, the commercial center, is the second largest port after Lobito. The port exports iron, copper sprouts, oil, coffee, agricultural products. Oil refining and food are major industries. The only higher education institution in the country is Luanda University (1962). Today, although the large areas of high-rise buildings show a contemporary appearance, muce ques in the outer neighborhoods of slums due to rapid population growth and urbanization is constantly growing.

Founded in 1575 by the Portuguese sailor Paulo Dias de Novais. In 1627, became the center of the Portugal colonial rule. In 1975, Angola gained independence and became the capital.

Features of Luanda


According to the data of Luanda 2018, it has a population of 2.49 million. Luanda has an area of 113 square kilometers. Luanda shows warm semi-arid climate characteristics. The climate is temperate but surprisingly dry, so the precipitation does not fall much. This dryness is caused by the Benguela Stream. It is the driest months from June to October. The best time to go to the city is spring.

Luanda, which is a port city, consumes seafood and plenty of fish. In the Angola cuisine where plenty of spices are used, steamed vegetables are preferred for lunch and dinner. Apart from these, it is possible to find examples of international cuisine in Luanda restaurants.

If you are looking for local products in Luanda, you should go to Benfica Handicrafts Market in the south of the city. Here you can find everything you are looking for. Apart from that, you will also come across many shopping malls in the city.

Important Places to See in Luanda


Although it has been very damaged during the civil war, Luanda, which continues to develop continuously, offers many historical points and port pleasure for tourists. Places to visit in Luanda include Museu de Antropologia, Banco Nacional de Angola, and Palácio de Ferro.