Where is Haiti?

Haiti is located in the Caribbean region at latitude 18.971187 and longitude -72.285215 and is part of the North American continent.

The DMS coordinates for the center of the country are:

  • 18Β° 58' 16.27'' N
  • 72Β° 17' 6.77'' W

You can see the location of Haiti on the world map below:

Flag pin pointing out the location of Haiti on the Central America map

Haiti Neighboring Countries

The neighboring countries of Haiti (HT) are:

  1. Dominican Republic (DO)

Maritime Borders

Haiti borders with the Caribbean Sea.

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Haiti Key Facts

CoordinatesLatitude: 18.971187
Longitude: -72.285215
Country CodesAlpha 2: HT
Alpha 3: HTI
Country Flag EmojiπŸ‡­πŸ‡Ή
Int. Phone Prefix+509
Capital cityPort-au-Prince
North America
Country Area27,750 sq km
Population 202111,541,683
World Rank: 81
Median Age23
Life expectancy63.2
Major languagesFrench (official), Creole (official)
UTC/GMT TimeNumber of time zones: 1
  • UTCβˆ’05:00
Internet TLD.ht
Biggest AirportToussaint Louverture International Airport (PAP)
Average temperature24.90 Β°C
76.82 Β°F
Administrative Divisions10 departments
Political systemPresidential representative democratic republic

Haiti Economy Facts

World Bank Income GroupLower middle income
World Bank RegionLatin America & Caribbean
CurrencyHaitian Gourde (HTG)
GDP in 2020$14.5 (billions of USD)
World Rank: 127
GDP per capita in 2020$1,272
World Rank: 162
Major Industries / Economic SectorsAgriculture, manufacturing, energy, services
Top 5 Import CountriesUnited States, China, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia
Top 5 Export CountriesUnited States, Dominican Republic, Canada, Netherlands, China

Biggest Cities in Haiti

Here are the largest cities in Haiti based on 2021 data:

City Population
Port-au-Prince 987,310
Carrefour 511,345
Petion-Ville 359,615
Gonaives 324,043
Delmas 284,079
Cap-Haitien 190,289
Les Cayes 175,457
Saint-Marc 160,181
Port-de-Paix 121,220
Belladere 60,239

Map of Haiti with the Largest Cities

Other Countries in the Caribbean Region

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