Argentina Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Argentina Flag

The flag of Argentina consists of three horizontal lanes. The upper and lower strips are blue and the middle strip is white. The white strip contains the national emblem called the May Sun. The blue color in the flag represents the sky, while the white color represents the clouds in the sky.

Argentina Flag Map and Meaning 1
Argentina Flag Map

History of the Argentina Flag

The light sky blue color and the white color integrity in the current flag of Argentina, which gained its independence in 1812, were first used by the independence movement leader Manuel Belgrano. According to a belief, during the Argentinean Independence Operation, commander Manuel Belgrano realized that all military units used the same color (Spanish yellow and red) and started to search for new colors. Belgrano, who sees the harmony of the white clouds in the blue sky with the sky, has decided to use these two colors. Climatic conditions of that day have also been an important factor in the selection of colors.

First Triumvirate did not approve of the use of the flag, but Asamblea del Año XIII allowed the flag to be used as a war flag. In 1816, it was the Congress of Tucumán, who finally made it the national flag. Yellow Sun of May was added to the center in 1818. Blue-dark blue controversy still continues between scientists and Manuel Belgrano’s descendants about the true colors of the first flag.

Neighboring Countries of Argentina

Argentina Flag Map and Meaning 2

Argentina is at the southern end of the South American continent, between the Andes and the Atlantic. It is surrounded by Bolivia from the northwest, Paraguay from the northeast, Brazil, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean from the east, and Chile from the west.

Main Characteristics of Argentina

Argentina lies in the south of South America, between the Andes and the Atlantic. Argentina is the second largest country in the South American continent and the 8th largest in the world.

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. With a population of approximately 41 million, Argentina has a very long coastline. Although this country is one of the most developed and wealthy countries of Latin America, it has inflation and high unemployment rate. In Argentina, Spanish is the official language. The Argentine Peso is also used as a currency.

Due to the spread of the territory of Argentina to a large area, there are regional differences between regions. The southern parts of Argentina are usually humid. The temperatures created by the Argentine climate are low in the southern parts and do not change much during the year. Argentina’s beef is world-famous and is said to be the best quality meat. Argentina’s coffee is also world-famous.

CodeAR (ARG)
Calling code54
Capital cityBuenos Aires
Currencyargentine peso (ARS)
Emoji symbol🇦🇷
Highest pointAconcagua (6,960 m)
Total area2,780,400 km2