Uruguay Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Uruguay Flag

Flag of Uruguay consists of five white and four blue horizontal strips. The square is positioned on top of five horizontal strips with a white background in the upper left corner. In the square, there is the May Sun, the sun of freedom used in Argentina.

The blue and white colors on the flag are inspired by the Argentine flag and the number of horizontal stripes, which are nine, refers to the nine provinces of the country. Unlike the 32 solar beams in the sun of liberty in Argentina, there are 16 beams in the sun on the Uruguay flag.

Uruguay Flag Map and Meaning 1
Uruguay Flag Map

History of the Uruguay Flag

The Uruguay flag is one of the oldest flags of the world and adopted on 11 July 1830. When it was first adopted in 1828, there were 17 lines but in 1830 it was reduced to nine. Uruguay declared its independence from Brazil on August 25, 1825.

A flag similar to today’s flag was first inspired by the flags of Argentina and the United States after the declaration of independence. The blue flag used at that time was a lighter blue. In addition, the horizontal strips in the flag over time were increased in parallel with the increasing number of provinces. However, due to the fact that the image formed by the increasing horizontal bands was not welcomed, today’s flag was formed and it was raised as an official flag on July 11, 1830.

Neighboring Countries of Uruguay

Uruguay Flag Map and Meaning 2

Located in South America. There are Brazil in the north, Uruguay in the west and Argentina in the south, Rio de la Plata in the south and Atlantic in the east.

Main Characteristics of Uruguay

Uruguay is a country of culture, developed in terms of art, high in welfare and reliable. It is also the second smallest country in South America. The capital and largest city of the country is Montevideo. The official language is Spanish. Uruguay pesos is used as currency.

A mild climate prevails. The average temperature is 22 degrees in January and February and 10 degrees in July. Most rainfall period is April and May. Uruguay cuisine was influenced by other country kitchens. Veal is consumed a lot. Pulpo and Tire de Asado are popular dishes. Uruguay cheese is also known.

CodeUY (URY)
Calling Code598
Capital CityMontevideo
Currencyuruguayan peso (UYU)
Emoji Symbol🇺🇾
Highest PointCerro Catedral (Uruguay) (514 m)
Internet TLD.uy
Total Area175,016 km2