Turkey Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Turkey Flag

Turkish Flag is the official flag of the Republic of Turkey and the national flag. It consists of white Crescent and Star symbols on red, and was first adopted in 1844 in the Ottoman State. Flag, formed by the Turkish Flag Law No. 2994 on 29 May 1936, and Turkey has been adopted as the national flag. With the Turkish Flag Law No. 2893 on September 22, 1983, the flag criteria were determined and the flag was finalized.

It is said that the 8-pointed star in the 18th century used to symbolize the victory and was used to address the past of the Ottoman Empire. The five-pointed star used today is thought to represent human.

According to some, the crescent-shaped moon used in the Turkish flag represents the religion of Islam and some believe that the belief in the God of Heaven is the old Turkish belief. According to some the star used in the Turkish flag symbolizes independence. But above all of these meanings, the Turkish flag embraces millions of people from various beliefs and origins living on this land and unites everyone on the same roof.

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Turkey Flag Map

History of the Turkey Flag

There are many narrations about the history of the Turkish flag. Some argue that the history of the Turkish flag is based on the 1st Kosovo War and some have been used much earlier. The reason for this is that the moon and the star on the Turkish flag were used frequently in Turkish and Islamic history. However, we can say that the flag closest to the Turkish flag used today is after the 1st Kosovo War.

The First Kosovo War took place in 1389 between the Ottoman Empire and a few Turkish principalities and the Balkan alliance under Serbian command. The war ended with the victory of the Ottoman Empire, but thousands of people died in this war. Rumor has it that the moon and star reflected on the accumulation of blood in the ground after the war on that day became the first seeds of the Turkish flag. In addition to this rumor, according to several different bibliographies allegedly on the day of the war on July 28, 1389, a sky event occurred and Jupiter and the Moon came next to each other. For this reason, the reflection created the Turkish flag.

400 Years After the Kosovo War

The information is not clear, but the use of the post-war Turkish flag in the Ottoman Empire is in the 18th century. If we look at the history of the Turkish flag with clear findings, the use of the Turkish Flag for the first time is in the 18th century.

In 1844, the decision made by Abdulmecid in the Tanzimat period, the eight-pointed star on the Turkish flag took 5 corners. With the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, on 29 May 1936 Turkish flag set by Parliament. Then the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey determined the measure of the Turkish flag on January 25, 1985.

Neighboring Countries of Turkey

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Turkey’s geographical location makes it a unique place. The borders of Turkey and its neighbors is quite a lot.

Europe takes place in western Turkey. The borders of Europe are Greece and Bulgaria. To the east is Asia. On the other hand, the borders on the Asian continent consist of Armenia, Georgia, and Nakhichevan. In the south, there are Iran, Iraq and Syria borders and neighbors.

Main Characteristics of Turkey

The majority of Turkey’s territory is located in Anatolia, while a small portion is located in Thrace, with the extension of the Balkans. The sea surrounds the country on three sides, separated by the Bosporus and the Dardanelles consists of two peninsulas. These straits separate Asia from Europe. Turkey, the Mediterranean coast and its extension into the Aegean Sea coast long been a favorite destination for foreign tourists.

Turkey has a coastline of the Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. The country, which has different geographical and climatic features, has numerous natural beauties. Different cultures shaped by the influence of Anatolia, Turkey has provided to be extremely rich cultural heritage.

Calling Code90
Capital CityAnkara
CurrencyTurkish Lira (TL)
Emoji Symbol🇹🇷
Highest PointMount Ararat(5,137 m)
Internet TLD.tr
Total Area738,562 km2