What is the Capital of Sweden?

What is the Capital of Sweden? The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Stockholm, the largest city in the country, has been the center of culture, art, media, politics and economy for centuries. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with the city’s picturesque streets, colorful buildings, historical buildings and scenic beauty.

What is the Capital of Sweden? 1
Where is Sweden?

Stockholm is the largest city in the country with more than 20% of the population. The word “Holm” in the name of the city means “Islands” in Swedish. Because there are 14 large islands that are connected to the city and some of them are on it. Stock stands for “billet” in Swedish.

When did Stockholm Become the Capital?

What is the Capital of Sweden? 2

The area in which the city is founded dates back to Norwegian epics such as Agnafit. The legendary king of the region Agne is also in these epics. The first Stockholm recipe known in written sources dates back to 1252. This date is closely associated with the iron mining in Bergslagen, near Stockholm. It is thought that the city was founded by Birger Jarl to save Sweden from the foreign enemy navy.

Gamla Stan, the center of Stockholm and now known as the Old City, is located in the center of the island next to Helgeandsholmen, from 1300 to 1500. The city attracted the interest of Hansa Union, a Baltic trading partner in this process. It also had close relationships with Lübeck, Hamburg, Danzig, Visby, Reval, and Riga. Between 1296 and 1478, the city council had 24 members. Half of them were representatives of the Hansa Union.

Strategically and economically important, the city soon became a center of interest for the Danish kings and the independence work of the 15th century. Christian II of Denmark entered the town in 1520. On November 8, 1520, the city returned to a blood lake. This massacre destroyed another organization called the Kalmar Union. With the re-entry of Gustav I of Sweden back to the city in 1523, the royal power rose and the city began to grow rapidly. In this regard, Stockholm had a population of 10,000 in 1600. In the 17th century, the city grew much faster than the European average. The population increased sixfold from 1610 to 1680. In 1634 Stockholm became the official capital of the Swedish Empire. Trade has started to make the city important.

Features of Sweden

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Stockholm has a population of 910,000 by 2018. The surface area is 188 square kilometers. Stockholm has a humid continental climate. The fact that the city is located in the very north causes the days to be 18 in summer and 6 hours in winter. Despite its location, however, the city has a mild and soft climate throughout the year. The reason for this moderate climate is the Gulf Stream hot water currents. The city has an average of 1,981 hours of sun a year.

In Stockholm more than eighty percent of the workers’ people are working in the service sector. The fact that the industrial centers are outside the city makes the city a clean capital. Especially in recent years, almost all of the industrial centers in the city are made up of clean, high-tech factories. The largest companies in the city’s industrial centers are IBM, Ericsson and Electrolux.

Drottningholm Castle Strandvägen from the island of Djurgården The old town of Stockholm, Stockholm, is far removed from many other cultural centers and is home to many cultural elements, including the capital of an ethnic country. In Stockholm, elected European Capital of Culture in 1998, there are two areas protected by UNESCO: Drottningholm Palace and Skogskyrkogården.

Important Places to See in Stockholm

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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, where history and modernity have been together, promises a lot for tourists. In particular, Gamla Stan, who has managed to maintain the same atmosphere in the old city part and since the 13th century, historical buildings, narrow and beautiful streets, ancient squares, museums and architecture. At the beginning of places to visit in Stockholm are; Stockholm City Museum, Katarina Lift and Gamla Stan.