Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022

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You love traveling around the United States. You’ve collected souvenirs and taken photos of your trips, but don’t have a good way to display them. 

Consider getting a USA scratch-off map to help document and show off your trips. What is a scratch-off map?

Any USA scratch-off map is simply a map of the United States covered with a layer of foil you scratch off. Use it to visualize which states you’ve visited, scratching each state off as you go. 

A 50 states scratch-off map is a fun and easy way to display where you’ve been and get inspiration for where to travel next. Hang it on your wall as a souvenir of your trip or a conversation starter with friends.

Below you’ll find some of the best USA scratch-off maps online for your next adventure.

USA Scratch Off Maps

1. Maps International Scratch Off Map of the US – Best Luxurious Map

Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022 1
Maps International Scratch Off Map Of The US – USA Wall Map – Scratch Off – Detailed cartography – US States – National Parks – 24 x 36

The Maps International map is so pretty you’ll want to display it. This scratch-off state map comes printed on high-quality silk art paper with a glossy finish. It’s bigger than the other maps, coming in at 24” x 36” in size. 

The map has gold scratch-off material. The states underneath are rich colors.

This map also features up-to-date information and accurate cartography. This means that the cities and highways appear on the map where they would be in real-life, making it great for educational use.

2. Scratch Off Map of United States + US National Parks – Best Two for the Price of One

Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022 2
Scratch Off Map of United States + US National Parks Scratch Off Poster, 85 USA Landmarks, Travel Map Kit, 50 State Photo Wall Adventure Maps

This scratch-off US map comes with a bonus National Parks scratch-off map.

This map features bright colors, making states easy to spot and distinguish. 

It also features landmarks and travel adventures for each state. There are a total of 85 “must-see” landmarks or “bucket list” items, with 15 adventure items on the match to scratch off, too.

This map also comes with an ‘everything you need’ accessory kit featuring:

  • Scratch off pen
  • Microfiber cloth
  • 30 adventure stickers to place anywhere on the map
  • Location flags and pins
  • Storage pouch to store accessories

The bonus National Parks scratch-off map is 12″ x 16″. It features iconic images from each park under the gold foil.

3. Newverest Scratch Off Map USA – Best Bucket List Map

Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022 3
Newverest Scratch Off Map USA

This Newverest 24” x 17” USA scratch map is printed on heavier 250GSM paper, used for cardstock and other fine art. The thicker paper is more attractive and will hold up better in your travels.

Unlike others, it lists “Bucket List” destinations directly on the map. You can find a mixture of landmarks, national parks, and fun vacation spots. The map includes the Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon National Park, and Walt Disney World.

It outlines the US and Canadian Provinces. It even includes special inserts showing Europe and Southeast Asia.

Your map comes in a gift tube for travel and storage and comes with several accessories. Use a scratch tool and microfiber cloth to clean the map, along with push pins and stickers to mark your map. Finally, it’s recommended to use a bag to hold your accessories.

4. Waypoint Wanders Original US Scratch-Off Map – Best Customizable Map

Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022 4
Waypoint United States scratch off map

Coming in at 12” x 18”, this is the smallest of all the scratch off state maps. It’s perfect if you’re limited on space in your home or are looking for a smaller map for your RV trips.

It’s also all-American made, meaning it was both designed and made 100% in the US.

But what makes this map special is the ability to customize the look of your map. You’re able to choose the map’s heading, the foil color, and even the design of the underlying map of the states.

You choose whether your map has a heading, and get to pick between silver or gold scratch-off foil.

There are seven design options for the background of the states. Choose from topographic, national parks, or even tie-dyed.

With a total of seven different map designs and two foil colors, you can get exactly what you want.

The company also sells solid teak wood frames made for these maps. This frame style lets you hang the map while still being able to scratch off states as you visit.

5. Landmass Goods White Scratch off Map – Best Budget Pick

Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022 5
Walmart’s map includes the major cities, state capitals, highest peaks, 59 national parks, and notable highways.

At $14.99, this is the least expensive scratch off map of the USA online for anyone budget-conscious. A lower price doesn’t mean small in size; this map measures 17” x 24”  like the other large maps.

It also lists more than the basics. Included on the map are major cities, state capitals, and notable highways. Also listed are 59 US National Parks and the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails.

The map arrives in a triangle-shaped storage box. It comes with accessories to mark and customize your map.

6. US Landmarks & Monuments Scratch-Off Map – Unique Find

Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022 6
US Landmarks & Monuments Scratch-Off Map (currently unavailable, see other option by Popchart)

This is only USA scratch map with no metallic scratch-off foil. This design from Pop Chart has a muted color for the top layer. As you scratch, you’ll reveal pale green and yellow colors that correspond with elevation. 

The map features traditional places like national parks, forts, and museums. It also includes silly “memorable monuments” like the World’s Largest Cowboy Boots in Texas and a Wigwam Motel in Arizona. This makes it great for discovering places you’d never think of on your own!

It’s a little smaller than other maps at 16” x 12” in size, but is available with two framing add-on options.

7. The Beautiful USA Scratch off Travel Map

Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022 7
Wayfair – USA Scratch off Travel Map Poster, 17″ x 24″

Available in a white or dark gray background of your choosing, this USA scratch-off map features a scenic photo of each state under gold foil. 

The only markings are labels for the States. There are no other physical or political markings. This is a great feature that lets you see the photographs.

If you’re looking for a map that shows places of interest or political features – this isn’t the map for you. No physical features like mountains, rivers, or topography are on display. There are no political markings like cities, highways, or state capitals of any kind. 

8. United States Symbols Scratch-Off Map

Best USA Scratch Off Maps in 2022 8
United States symbols; Education travel scratch off poster from Etsy

Unique to this 50 states scratch off map, the foil layer labels each state. You’ll know where every state is without having to scratch through the foil or look at a separate map, making this a great feature for geography learners of every age. 

Scratch off the silver foil on this map to reveal the state symbols for all 50 states, featuring illustrations of each state’s official bird, flower, and mammal.

This map is great for working a little education into a fun experience. Learn where states are, what states they border, to the plants and wildlife of each state.

The best USA scratch-off maps are multi-purpose

Add a little education to your family vacation (without the kids even noticing).

Use it for inspiration; where have you been, and where do you want to go? Some maps may even give you travel ideas you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. 

Create a keepsake everyone can enjoy. Display it on your wall for a great conversation piece. 

With the variety of maps available, you’ll be sure to find the best USA scratch-off map online to fit your needs.

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