10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine

Here are 10 reasons for you to go to Ukraine:

1. Cheap


Ukraine is preferred by many tourists because it is cheap. It is one of the cheapest countries in the world, far from Europe. During the trip, a country where money can be spent enjoyable time without concern.

2. Top Level Security

airport guard

Ukraine is thought to be dangerous from a distance, because of the recent war, and contrary to what is believed, the trust of local people and tourists is overcome. People from all over the country can walk safely through the streets of the city from the first lights of the morning until the end of the night.

3. Independence Square

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine 1

The symbol of the square is the “Freedom” monument. It is a meeting place in Ukrainians, except that it is only a challenge for tourists coming to Kiev to take photographs. The square of independence is at the head of places to visit in Kiev.

4. Open Air Architecture Museum

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine 2

Baroque style buildings reflecting the Renaissance period UNESCO took Lviv in the World Cultural Heritage List. There are 68 museums in the city. There is a cemetery of the Art of Wonders of the past. The city, which has medieval European architecture, is at the forefront with its different architectural features of the buildings located at the Market Place. You will want to be photographed at any moment as you travel this architectural beauty.

5. Tunnel of Love

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine 3

The Loch Tunnel in the town of Kleven in Ukraine is a very popular stop for romantic photographs. The railway is still being used. Three times a day the wood is moved to a nearby factory.

6. Odessa Catacombs

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine 4

Katakomb is also a shelter for the Partisans during the Second World War. About 40 km from the city of Odessa, the Katakombs consist of 3 kats and travel up to 16 meters below the floor. There so many things inside in a variety from the hospital to the reading, from the kitchen to the church.

7. Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine 5

The Lviv Opera House, one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe, is almost the symbolic structure of the city. It was built by Architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski in 1897 and now stands today in all its splendor.

8. Friendly and Helpful People

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine 6

The Ukrainian people are hospitable people who are well known for their gentle behavior to the tourists. Ukrainians, who are trying to help even foreign tourists, the problem of communication is also getting rid of it, and this makes Ukraine one of the only countries that you can go without knowing the language.

9. Ukrainian Girls

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine 7

The vast majority of girls are really beautiful and well-groomed. You can not see the Kiev woman without care. Girls are very kind, they do not break their elegance at all. Whenever you want to meet you can be sure that you will get a polite response.

10. Night Life

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine 8

For nightlife there is not much concept like Friday or Saturday, you can see that the clubs are full each night.

Tourism in Ukraine

According to data provided by the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine, 11.1 million tourists visited Ukraine in 2017.

This number is recorded as 7 percent more than last year.

Some Facts About Ukraine

Now that we know about the various regions of the Ukraine, let’s have a 9 things you should know about the Ukraine as a country:

1. The Largest Sunflower Oil Manufacturer


The Ukrainian lands are very fertile soil for agriculture. The flag of the country symbolizes the yellow wheat-sunflower fields and the blue sky.

It is among the Europe’s largest producers of grain, sugar and honey.

2. Ukraine Owns Modern Airports


In 2012 the Ukraine together with Poland hosted the UEFA European Football Championship. During that time the all major airports in the Ukraine were modernized.

3. Northern of Ukraine can be passed in 20 hours from start to finish

railway station

Train travel is both more punctual and safer if there is room for intercity transportation. Besides, the trip through the city is very cheap.

4. In recent years, modern buildings are being built in big cities

modern buildings

Although large rectangular buildings from the Soviet era are common in cities, new buildings and new sites come up during recent years.

5. Drink Prices are Cheaper According to Europe

domestik vodka

Prices of domestic vodka are very reasonable. High alcoholic beverages are available from 11:00 to 22:00. Moreover, the nightlife of Ukraine is quite alive, the bar and the public karaoke are quite common.

6. Many Markets, Buffets and Butchers Are Served in Containers at the Streets

fruit market

Winter conditions were also kept in mind to keep the windows to a minimum. There are huge markets in the closed areas.

7. There are Small Sales Points of Coffee Shops in City Centers

coffee shop on wheels

You can buy coffee made with an espresso machine even from the tiny stall buffet.

8. Trolleybuses in Urban Transportation are Widespread and Cheap

Urban Transportation

Trolley buses are the most intensive public transport as it is free for retired and disabled people. In addition to the very old trolley buses, modern trolleybuses are also in operation.

9. There are Quality Restaurants

Quality Restaurant

In restaurants with beautiful decorations and atmospheres, beautifully made pizzas and sushi are more reasonable than most countries. We recommend you try Vareniky, one of the most famous dishes of Ukraine, which has many kinds.