Oblasts of Ukraine

There are a total of 26 oblasts in Ukraine. Oblast means region in English. Below map shows the Oblasts of Ukraine. For more information about Ukraine click here.

Oblasts of Ukraine 1

Oblasts of Ukraine

Below you can find the list of the Oblasts in Ukraine and some basic information about these Oblasts.

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

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Catherine Boulevard

It covers an area of 31,914 km² on both sides of Dnieper River. The administrative center is the city of Dnipropetrovsk. The population is 3,476,200.

Donetsk Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 3

Winter in Donetsk

During the Soviet Union period, the administrative unit formed in 1938 under the name Stalino had a surface area of 26,517 km². The population is 4.6229 million.

Kharkiv Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 4

The surface area is 31,415 km² and the population is 2,808,701.

Kherson Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 5

Along the Lower Dnieper River covers an area of 28,500 km², which is the coast of the Black Sea, Lake Sivas and the Azov Sea. Crimea from the south, and three different oblasts from the north.

The population density in Ukraine is the lowest oblast.

Khmel’nyts’kyy Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 6

On the Volyn-Podolsk Plateau, it covers an area of a steep descent towards the Dinyester River to the south. The population is 1,367,892.

Zhitomir Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 7

The surface area is 29,832 km² and the population is 1,328,158.

Kiev Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 8

It spreads over an area of 28.900 km² on both sides of the Middle Dinyeper River; most of it remains in the western part of the river. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which was the scene of a major nuclear accident in 1986, is in the northern part of the Kiev Oblast. The population is 1.7278 million.

Kirovohrad Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 9

It covers an area extending from the Dnieper River in the North to the South Bug Basin. Its surface area is 24,588 km² and the population is 1,057,951.

Luhansk Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 10

It lies at the eastern tip of Ukraine, near the bank of the Donets River. Its surface area is 26.684 km² and the population is 2.409.000.

Lviv Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 11

Located in the western part of Ukraine, Lviv extends from the peak line of the Carpathian Mountains to the Bug River basin and covers the Upper Dinyester River valley and the Roztocze Plateau between these two regions. The surface area is 21,833 km² and the population is 2,552,900.

Mykolayiv Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 12

The surface area is 24.598 km² and the population is 1.217.103.

Odessa Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 13

The administrative center of the Oblast is Odessa. The surface area is 33,310 km² and the population is 2,687,543.

Poltava Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 14

It stretches along the left bank of the central part of the Dinheper River. The settlements outside Poltava and Kremenchung, which are the headquarters of the administrative unit, are generally small farming towns. In many parts of Poltava there are natural gas and oil deposits. The surface area is 28,748 km² and the population is 1,544,085.

Rivne Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 15

The surface area is 20,047 km² and the population is 1,154,682.

Sumy Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 16

It is located on the southwest border of Central Russia Plateau. The management center is Sumi with a chemical industry. The surface area is 23,834 km² and the population is 1,221,368.

Ternopil Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 17

It is located on the Volyn-Podolsk Plateau. The surface area is 13.823 km² and the population is 1.107.294.

Vinnytsya Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 18
Vinnytsya Pyrogov Museum

On the Volun-Podolsk Plate, the South Bugve is located in the basins of the Dinyester Rivers. The surface area is 26,513 km² and the population is 1,691,061.

Volin Oblast

The headquarters of the administrative unit is the Lutsk city. The Volun Oblast was formerly part of the Volyn region. The surface area is 20,144 km² and the population is 1,036,891.

Zaporizhzhya Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 19
Zaporizhzhya circus

The surface area is 27.180 km² and the population is 1.877.200.

Cherkasy Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 20

It is an oblast in the central part of Ukraine. The Oblast is the management center of the Circassian. Its surface area is 20,900 km² and its population is 1,335,064.

Chernihiv Oblast

Oblasts of Ukraine 21

The Desna River basin is situated in a low-lying ovate covered with largely reed and grass swamps and oak, pine, hornbeam and maple forests. The administrative center is Chernigov city. Its surface area is 31,865 km² and its population is 1,156,609.

Chernivtsi Oblast

Chernivtsi town hall

The administrative unit (oblast) on the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. The administrative center is the city of Cernivtsi. The surface area is 8,097 km² and the population is 904,423.

İvano-Frankivsk Oblast

The area of the land extending from the peak line of the Carpathians to the Dinyester River is 13,900 km². The population is 1.381.700.

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