Top 10 Youngest States of the USA

Did you know which 10 states have the youngest population in America? We prepared below map for you to show Top Ten Youngest States of the USA. In this article you can learn more about the states that have the youngest population of America.

Top 10 Youngest States of the USA 1
Top Ten Youngest States of the USA

Population data produced according to population estimations made in 2016 are used in this map. In recent years there have been reports that the population living in many states of America is getting older and that the states with young population are getting smaller.

We have done some research for you, and we showed you the 10 states of America’s youngest population in 2016 on the map. When we identify the states with the youngest populations, we used the population ratios that each province had in the 0-18, 19-25, and 26-34 age range. The result was determined by the sum of these ratios.

What are these states?

Let’s examine it together.

10. California&Louisiana

There are two different states in the tenth place of the list. California and Louisiana; entering the tenth row on the list, they managed to be the 10th state with the youngest population in America.

25% of the California population is in the 0-18 age range, 10% is in the 19-25 and 13% is in the 26-34 age range. These figures are quite gratifying when you think of an aging America.

In Louisiana, another state that shares the same rank with California, the situation is not much different from California. Ratios according to age ranges are as follows; 26%, 10%, 12%.

9. Kansas

In the 9th place of the list we see Kansas. When the age ranges of the Kansas population are examined, it is not much different from California and Louisiana. It seems Kansas is the 9th state with the youngest population in America, passing the two states with a slight difference. The numbers in Kansas are as follows; 27%; 9%; 12%. Kansas is home to a young population with a range of 0-18 years with a 27% share.

8. Idaho

Having a population of 1,683 million people in 2016, Idaho ranks eighth in our list. 28% of Idaho’s population of 1,683 million in 2016; 0-18, 9%; 19-25 and 11% were between the ages of 26-34. With this young population, Idaho is the 8th state with the youngest population in America.

7. Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the 7th most populous state in the US in 2016, ranking 7th in our list. 26% of the population of 3,924 million; 0-18, 8%; 19-25, 14% are between the ages of 26-34. Oklahoma offers hope for the future with its young and dynamic population.

6. Nebraska& 5.North Dakota

Here are the 6th and 5th lines in our list. North Dakota crossed Nebraska by a small margin, placing it in fifth place in the list; Nebraska is taking sixth place. North Dakota’s population of 2016 was 757,952 while Nebraska had a population of 1,907 million in the same year. According to population size, Nebraska, which left North Dakota behind, unfortunately lags behind when it comes to age range. Rates in North Dakota, 25%; 10% and 15% in Nebraska; 27%, 10% and 12%.

4. Texas

With a population of 27.86 million in 2016, Texas is also the 4th state with the youngest population of America. Given the size of the population, and the fact that the proportion of the young population is high, it gives hope for the future.

3. District of Columbia

The District of Columbia had a population of 48.65 million in 2016. And 19% of this population; 0-18, 10%; 19-24 and 15% between the ages of 25-36.

2. Alaska

Even if we can not place Alaska on our map, it is in 2nd place in our list, becoming the second state with the youngest population of America. Here are the rates in Alaska, 28%; 10%; 15%.


With 31%, 11% and 14%, Utah was the America’s youngest populous state in 2016. In addition to taking first place in our list; In 2013, the U.S. Census Bureau announced it as the second fastest-growing population of any state.