10 Reasons to Visit Romania

Here are 10 reasons to visit Romania, the country of Dracula:

1. Bigar Waterfall

Bigar Waterfall
Bigar Waterfall

Bigar Waterfall, flowing from moss covered rocks and stones, infiltrates through mosses and forms a wonderful natural wonder. Furthermore, it is fed by the rich underground water resources of the Anina Mountains.

2. Romanian Tunnel Of Love

Romanian Tunnel Of Love
Romanian Tunnel Of Love

It is located on Romania’s old railway with love tunnel. The tunnel has come to life with a natural formation that surrounds green nature.

3. The Moss Swamp

The Moss Swamp
The Moss Swamp

Romania has not yet been able to advertise this wonderful forest, but thanks to these photographs, a curious mass has also begun to develop. We can also say that this region, which is discovered by real nature lovers, can not be very popular because the image is beautiful, although it is actually a swamp.

4. Bucegi Mountains

Bucegi Mountains
Bucegi Mountains

The Bucegi Mountains are located in the center of Romania, south of the city of Brasov. It is found in the South Carpathians of the Carpathian Mountains. The Prahova Valley in the east is important for tourism.

5. Transylvania

10 Reasons to Visit Romania 1

This is a name we often hear about Dracula movies and stories. Transylvania is a place known as the bloodthirsty vampires and the mysterious lands of the wolves at full moonlit nights.

6. The Village Biertan

10 Reasons to Visit Romania 2
The Village Biertan

Biertan, one of the Seven Saxon villages in Transylvania, central Romania, is protected by UNESCO and is noted for its inherent and centuries-old constructions.

7. Ceahlau Mountain

Ceahlau Mountain
Ceahlau Mountain

Mount Ceahlău is a popular hiking destination in Romania. There are seven main marked tracks built for hikers and tourists. There are entrance fees to visit Ceahlau National Park.

The park is monitored by local guards and there is also a mountain rescue service. Camping is possible outside the hike, and skiing is available on the mountain with ski slopes.

8. Maramures


The Maramures region, which covers the northern and northern western part of Romania, is actually composed of many villages and towns. Moreover, the villagers of Maramures are very famous with their wooden churches and wooden gates.

The gates made of wood ornaments can add to them the different meanings when decorating the entrances of the houses. Furthermore, the sun and knotted rope forms on the doors, symbolize life and its continuation.

9. Bran (Dracula) Castle

Bran (Dracula) Castle
Bran (Dracula) Castle

Situated between the Bucegi Mountains in the East and the Piatra Craiului Mountains in the West, Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, is a completely dismal Gothic wonder from the outside.

10. Rock Sculpture of Decebalus

10 Reasons to Visit Romania 3

The 40-meter statue of Decebalus, the king of the dawning, stunned the spectators, near the Romanian city of Orsheva.

Moreover, businessman and historian Iosif Constantin Drăgan built the statue, which holds the highest sculpture title in Europe. Furthermore, 12 sculptors worked on it for 10 years. Decebalus means the dawn kings.

Tourism in Romania

Tourism in Romania focuses on the country’s natural landscapes and history. The pristine charm of Romania is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Besides, Romania has a well-known story: the Dracula!

Romania has attracted about 10 million foreign tourists in 2017. The Moldovans are the ones who visited Romania the most. Moreover, Moldova is followed by Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Germany respectively.