Romania Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Romania Flag

The Romanian flag is the state flag used by the Romanian state. It consists of vertical, blue, yellow and red vertical colors starting from the left. The aspect ratio of the flag is 2: 3.

The Romanian flag consists of 3 equally-sized stripes, which are arranged vertically. The red, yellow and blue stripes represent Moldova and Walachia, two principalities that merged to form Romania in 1859. These colors are in the coat of arms of the former states.

Romania Flag Map
Romania Flag Map

History of the Romania Flag

The official name of the Republic of Romania was first used in 1877 and has undergone a number of changes. Today, the flag of the Republic of Romania, which was officially adopted on December 27, 1989, consists of 3 equal colors.

The Romanian Flag, designed with the influence of the French flag, later gained its present design in 1867. Romania, which declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire on May 9, 1877, began to use its national flag a year later. The flag between 1867 and 1989 included Romania’s coat of arms. The flag, which is the coat of arms on it, has been replaced by a new one as a result of the overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Like the Romanian flag, there are three more countries that use vertical lines in the world. Other countries are Moldova, Chad, and Andorra. Among them, the Chad flag is very similar to the Romanian flag. The most important reason that these two flags are similar is that both countries are influenced by the flag of France.

Neighboring Countries of Romania

Neighboring Countries of Romania
Neighboring Countries of Romania

Romania, in the south-east of Central Europe, is located in the north of the Balkan Peninsula. It is surrounded by Ukraine in the north and northeast, Moldova in the northeast, Hungary in the northwest, Serbia in the southwest and Bulgaria in the south.

Main Characteristics of Romania

Romania, thanks to its natural, historical beauties, welcomes millions of tourists every year and is growing day by day in terms of tourism. Bucharest is the most populous city and capital of the country. The official language is Romanian. German and Hungarian are languages spoken by the public. Rumen leu is used as currency.

A typical continental climate with moderate humidity is dominant. Summer is dry and hot, while winters are hard and snowy. Autumn is long and spring is short. The average temperature rises to 23 degrees in June, while it is -3 degrees in January.

CodeRO (ROU)
Calling Code40
Capital CityBucharest
Currencyromanian leu (RON)
Emoji Symbol🇷🇴
Highest PointMoldoveanu (2,544 m)
Total Area238,391 km2