Tourism in Kosovo, 10 Reasons to Visit Kosovo

Kosovo is located in southeastern Europe. With its central position in the Balkans, it serves as a link between central and Southern Europe, the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea.

The tourism in Kosovo is characterized by the archaeological heritage of Illyrian, Dardanian, Roman, Byzantine, Serbian and Ottoman periods, traditional Albanian and Serbian cuisine, architecture, religious heritage, traditions and scenic landscapes.

Kosovo is most visited by Albania. Countries following Albania in turn; Germany, Italy, United States, United Kingdom and Croatia. Today, Kosovo is still a problematic region.

While Kosovo is recognized by many countries, it is not recognized by many countries.

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Here are 10 reasons to visit Kosovo, the small country in the heart of Europe.

1. Pristina

Tourism in Kosovo, 10 Reasons to Visit Kosovo 1

Pristina is the capital and largest city of Kosovo. It is also the most developed tourist city. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty areas to be visited and seen here.

If you are here, do not miss sightseeing places such as Clock tower, Skanderbeg square, Kosovo National Library, Sultan Fatih Mosque, Newborn monument, Kosovo Government Building and National Museum of Kosovo.

2. Prizren


Located on the south-west of Kosovo, Prizren is a historic town on the outskirts of the Shar Mountains, on the border of Macedonia and Albania. It is the second largest city in the country with a population of approximately 185 thousand.

There are many touristic buildings to be visited here. Do not come back here without seeing tourist attractions such as Stone Bridge, Prizren Castle, Sinan Pasha Mosque, Friday Mosque and Şadırvan.

3. Germia Park

Tourism in Kosovo, 10 Reasons to Visit Kosovo 2
Germia Park

Germia Park, located north-east of the capital city of Pristina, is a wonderful park covering an area of 62 square kilometers. Numerous plant and animal species are found in the park. In the middle of the park there is an enormous beauty pond.

4. Deravica Mountain

Deravica Mountain
Deravica Mountain

Deravica, located to the west of the country, is the highest mountain of the country with an altitude of 2,656 m. This mountain adds a very different color to the region with its scenic and untouched nature. Furthermore, this mountain and its surroundings are a favorite area for campers, mountaineers and trekking lovers.

5. Gazivoda Lake

Tourism in Kosovo, 10 Reasons to Visit Kosovo 3
Gazivoda Lake

Lake Gazivoda, located on the border of Serbia and Kosovo, is the largest lake in the country with an area of 11.9 km².  Moreover, there are wonderful natural beauty areas around the lake.

6. Radavc Cave

Tourism in Kosovo, 10 Reasons to Visit Kosovo 4
Radavc Cave

Radavc Cave, located about 10 km from the city of Peja, is the most popular and also the biggest cave of the country. It is in the village with the same name. This village is located about 12 km from Macedonia border. Moreover, there are wonderful pools within the cave. There are also small ponds with a depth of 3 m. Stalactites, stalagmites and columns formed in the cave are quite impressive. If you come here, visit this magnificent cave.

7. Mirusha Waterfall

Mirusha Waterfall
Mirusha Waterfall

The Mirusha Waterfall, located in the Klina village in the center of the country, consists of 12 different stages. The highest point of these grades is 22 meters high. This wonderful waterfall, the volcano, has brought many caves and canyons to the area. Furthermore, you can go across this magnificent waterfall and take great photo shots. This is the most visited spot in the country.

8. Rugova Canyon

Rugova Canyon
Rugova Canyon

The Rugova Canyon, located near the border with Kosovo’s Pec city of Montenegro, is 25 km in length and about 1000 m deep and is among the longest and deepest canyons in Europe. It was declared national natural heritage in 1985. Morever, there are wonderful natural beauties in the canyon.

9. Brezovica Ski Resort

Brezovica Ski Resort
Brezovica Ski Resort

Brezovica Ski Center in the south of Kosovo, you can enjoy skiing in three seasons of the year. Morevoer, recent studies have served as the most modern and beautiful ski resort in the Balkans.

10. Patriarchate of Pec Monastery

Patriarchate of Pec Monastery
Patriarchate of Pec Monastery

The Patriarchate of Peć Monastery, located near Pec city, is a medieval Serb Orthodox monastery built in the 13th and 14th centuries. Here are four interesting churches.  Furthermore, the architecture of these churches is very striking. At the same time, this structure is the center of the archdiocese of the country. This religious structure was originally included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1947.