International Recognition of Kosovo

Here below you will find the most up-to-date information and our maps about International Recognition of Kosovo. You can find furthermore information in each map that is related to them. Moreover, each of the maps shows specific information about the different continents. The first map shows the International Recognition of Kosovo by countries worldwide. Furthermore, the second map shows the detailed information about European Continent. The third map shows Africa continent. Furthermore, the fourth map shows Asia continent. Moreover, you will find 5th and 6th maps showing South America and Middle America respectively.

As you will see in our article there are many different opinions of countries about the International Recognition of Kosovo. This is why we wanted show this topic on maps.

International Recognition of Kosovo 1

The Period Before Independence

Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian Kingdoms came together under the government of Tito; after World War II and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia established by Tito. Moreover, Kosovo then became a state under the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The Collapse

Yugoslavia joint into the countries that were broken after Soviet Socialist Republic Union was collapsed. Firstly Croatia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia claimed their independence.

During the collapse of Yugoslavia, the most significant act was the terrible war between Bosna and Herzegovina and Serbia, in unequal conditions and cruel massacre of Serbian soldiers. Furthermore, during this period Kosovo couldn’t able to gain independence because of the Serbian military interventions.

Serbian military invaded Kosovo in 1999 and caused many civil people die. Moreover, in the same year, the NATO countries helped Kosovo to finally gain independence.

Claiming Independence

Republic of Kosovo map
Republic of Kosovo map

The USA, NATO, and EU agreed to recognize the independence of Kosovo. On February 17, 2008, Kosovo claimed its independence. Furthermore, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Spain, and Azerbaijan didn’t recognize the independence of Kosovo.

International Recognition of Kosovo 2
People celebrating with Kosovo and Albanian flags 

International Recognition of Kosovo by Continents


International Recognition of Kosovo 3

The USA and European countries are the first countries which reacted to the independence of Kosovo.

Recognizing countries: Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal.

Not recognizing countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine.

Albania, France, Turkey and the UK are the countries that recognized first the independence of Kosovo on February 18, 2008.

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Why don’t European countries recognize Kosovo?

Russia; had a close relationship with Serbia, therefore, they were on the Serbian side. Furthermore, Russia stated that the independence of Kosovo might be encouraged the territories which had the same problem like Cyprus and Greece.

Moreover,, the Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus wasn’t recognized nearly for 40 years. Furthermore, he told to western countries that, they should be ashamed for their hypocritical attitudes.

Serbia; claimed that the land of Kosovo belonged to Serbia.

Greece; thought that they might have the similar problems with Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by the recognition of the independence of Kosovo. Moreover, because of their political issues, Greece stated that even if Serbia accepts the independence of Kosovo they will never recognize Kosovo as an independent country.

Spain; didn’t recognize Kosovo because the similar political issues they were facing. Furthermore, Spain has the same problem with the self-governing Basque and Catalonia regions.

Romania and Slovakia; opposes the idea that Kosovo can set a precedent for minorities within Romania.

Ukraine; doesn’t recognize any of the new states.

Bosnia and Herzegovina; although the Serbian councilor didn’t recognize Bosnian and Albain councilor recognized the independence of Kosovo.

Belarus; didn’t want to harm their relationship between Serbia, therefore, they didn’t recognize Kosovo.


International Recognition of Kosovo 4

Recognizing countries: Egypt, Libya, Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Gabon, Central African Republic, Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, Swaziland, Lesotho, Somalia, Burundi.

The first country that recognizes Kosovo is Senegal on February 19, 2008. Moreover, Burkina Faso recognized Kosovo two months later Senegal.

Not recognizing countries: Algeria, Morocco, DR Congo, Angola, Namibia, South Africa.

Why don’t African countries recognize Kosovo?

  • Algeria; keeping their relationships close to Serbia because they don’t want to harm their relationships with Russia.
  • Morocco; don’t recognize Kosovo because of the Western Sahara problem.
  • DR Congo; it is stated in November 2009, by the president Joseph Kabila that Congo will not recognize Kosovo as long as he lives.
  • Angola; Utoni Nujoma, the Foreign Minister of Namibia decided not to recognize Kosovo after a meeting with the Serbian Foreign Minister, Vuk Jeremic in September 2010.
  • South Africa; As well as Angola, after a meeting with Vuk Jeremic on August 30, 2010, South Africa stated that they will not recognize Kosovo.


International Recognition of Kosovo 5

Recognizing countries: Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Singapore.

The first country that recognized Kosovo is Afghanistan by their decision on February 18, 2008. Furthermore, Taiwan stated their recognition of Kosovo after Afghanistan. Furthermore about Taiwan is that 23 countries recognize officially Taiwan.

Not Recognizing countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka.

Why don’t Asian countries recognize Kosovo?

  • Kazakhstan; doesn’t recognize any new states.
  • India; supports Serbia.
  • China; because of the Taiwan issue doesn’t recognize Kosovo.
  • Iran; despite there is not an official decision, they follow Russia because of their close relationships. Moreover, there is another idea on this that they don’t recognize Kosovo because the military base of the USA is placed in Kosovo.
  • Iraq; because Iraq had supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia in 2010 they didn’t recognize Kosovo.
  • Israel; because of the Palestine issue.
  • Laos; recognizes Kosovo as a Serbian province.
  • Vietnam; thought that independence of Kosovo would create new problems in Balkans.
  • Indonesia; there are different opinions in the country about recognizing or not recognizing Kosovo.
  • Sri Lanka; because of their good relationship with Serbia they didn’t recognize Kosovo.

South America

International Recognition of Kosovo 6
  • Recognizing countries: Peru, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
  • Not Recognizing countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay.

Why don’t South America recognize Kosovo?

  • Brazil;  supports Serbia.
  • Bolivia; stated on December 4, 2009, that Kosovo is part of Serbia and Kosovo Rebuplics doesn’t exist.
  • Argentina; repeats over and over again that Kosovo will not be recognized by Argentina.
  • Uruguay; it is stated by Roberto Conde on September 27, 2010, that Uruguay would never recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Middle America

International Recognition of Kosovo 7

Recognizing countries: Canada, United States of America, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Colombia.

Costa Rica is the first country in the world that recognized Kosovo. Also, right after behind Costa Rica the United States of America claimed their recognition of Kosovo. Moreover, the USA also played a significant role in Kosovo’s gaining independence. Furthermore, by the declaration of the president of the USA; George Bush, Kosovo became officially independent.

Not Recognizing countries: Venezuela, Jamaica

Why don’t Middle America recognize Kosovo?

  • Venezuela; named the new leader of Kosovo Haşim Taçi as a terrorist supported by the USA.
  • Jamaica; will also support Serbia to protect the union of Serbian lands.
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