Where are the United States of America?

United States of America is located in the North America region at latitude 37.09024 and longitude -95.712891 and is part of the North American continent.

The DMS coordinates for the center of the country are:

  • 37Β° 5' 24.86'' N
  • 95Β° 42' 46.41'' W

You can see the location of United States of America on the world map below:

USA location on the map pointed out by a flag pin.

United States of America Neighboring Countries

The neighboring countries of United States of America (US) are:

  1. Canada (CA)
  2. Mexico (MX)

Maritime Borders

The United States border with the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean.

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United States of America Key Facts

CountryUnited States of America (the)
CoordinatesLatitude: 37.09024
Longitude: -95.712891
Country CodesAlpha 2: US
Alpha 3: USA
Country Flag EmojiπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Int. Phone Prefix+1
Capital cityWashington D.C.
North America
North America
Country Area9,833,517 sq km
Population 2021331,893,745
World Rank: 3
Median Age37.7
Life expectancy77.2
Major languagesEnglish, Spanish
UTC/GMT TimeNumber of time zones: 11
  • UTCβˆ’12:00 (AoE) β€” Baker Island and Howland Island
  • UTCβˆ’11:00 (ST) β€” American Samoa, Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, Midway Atoll and Palmyra Atoll
  • UTCβˆ’10:00 (HT) β€” Hawaii, most of the Aleutian Islands, and Johnston Atoll
  • UTCβˆ’09:00 (AKT) β€” most of the state of Alaska
  • UTCβˆ’08:00 (PT) β€” Pacific Time zone: the Pacific coast states, the Idaho Panhandle and most of Nevada and Oregon
  • UTCβˆ’07:00 (MT) β€” Mountain Time zone: most of Idaho, part of Oregon, and the Mountain states plus western parts of some adjacent states
  • UTCβˆ’06:00 (CT) β€” Central Time zone: a large area spanning from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes
  • UTCβˆ’05:00 (ET) β€” Eastern Time zone: roughly a triangle covering all the states from the Great Lakes down to Florida and east to the Atlantic coast
  • UTCβˆ’04:00 (AST) β€” Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands UTC+10:00 (ChT) β€” Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands
  • UTC+12:00 (WAKT) β€” Wake Island
Internet TLD.us
Biggest AirportHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta, Georgia)
Average temperature25.00 Β°C
77.00 Β°F
Administrative Divisions50 states 1 district 6 outlying areas
Political systemFederal presidential representative democratic republic

United States of America Economy Facts

World Bank Income GroupHigh income
World Bank RegionNorth America
CurrencyUS Dollar (USD)
GDP in 2020$20893.7 (billions of USD)
World Rank: 1
GDP per capita in 2020$63,028
World Rank: 7
Major Industries / Economic SectorsManufacturing, services, agriculture, energy
Top 5 Import CountriesChina, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Germany
Top 5 Export CountriesCanada, Mexico, China, Japan, United Kingdom

Biggest Cities in United States of America

Here are the largest cities in United States of America based on 2021 data:

City Population
New York 18,713,220
Los Angeles 12,750,807
Chicago 8,604,203
Miami 6,445,545
Dallas 5,743,938
Philadelphia 5,649,300
Houston 5,464,251
Atlanta 5,449,398
Washington 5,379,184
Boston 4,688,346

Map of United States of America with the Largest Cities

Other Countries in the North America Region

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