Where is Canada?

Canada is located in the North America region at latitude 56.130366 and longitude -106.346771 and is part of the North American continent.

The DMS coordinates for the center of the country are:

  • 56Β° 7' 49.32'' N
  • 106Β° 20' 48.38'' W

You can see the location of Canada on the world map below:

Canada pointed out on the map by a flag pin.

Canada Neighboring Countries

The neighboring countries of Canada (CA) are:

  1. United States of America (US)

Maritime Borders

Canada borders with Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

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Canada Key Facts

CoordinatesLatitude: 56.130366
Longitude: -106.346771
Country CodesAlpha 2: CA
Alpha 3: CAN
Country Flag EmojiπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
Int. Phone Prefix+1
Capital cityOttawa
North America
North America
Country Area9,984,670 sq km
Population 202138,246,108
World Rank: 38
Median Age40.2
Life expectancy82.7
Major languagesEnglish (official) 58.7%, French (official) 22%, Punjabi 1.4%, Italian 1.3%, Spanish 1.3%, German 1.3%, Cantonese 1.2%, Tagalog 1.2%, Arabic 1.1%, other 10.5% (2011 est.)
UTC/GMT TimeNumber of time zones: 6
  • UTCβˆ’08:00 (PT) β€” larger western part of British Columbia, Tungsten and the associated Cantung Mine in Northwest Territories, Yukon
  • UTCβˆ’07:00 (MT) β€” Alberta, some eastern parts of British Columbia, most of Northwest Territories, Nunavut (west of 102Β°W and all communities in the Kitikmeot Region), Lloydminster and surrounding area in Saskatchewan
  • UTCβˆ’06:00 (CT)β€” Manitoba, Nunavut (between 85Β° West and 102Β°W except western Southampton Island), Ontario (Northwestern Ontario west of 90Β°W with some exceptions and Big Trout Lake area east of 90Β°W), Saskatchewan except Lloydminster
  • UTCβˆ’05:00 (ET) β€” Nunavut east of 85Β°W and entire Southampton Island, Ontario east of 90Β°W (except Big Trout Lake area) plus several more western areas, Quebec (most of province)
  • UTCβˆ’04:00 (AT) β€” Labrador (all but southeastern tip), New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, eastern part of Quebec
  • UTCβˆ’03:30 (NT) β€” Labrador (southeastern), Newfoundland
Internet TLD.ca
Biggest AirportToronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)
Average temperature10.00 Β°C
50.00 Β°F
Administrative Divisions10 provinces 3 territories
Political systemFederal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

Canada Economy Facts

World Bank Income GroupHigh income
World Bank RegionNorth America
CurrencyCanadian Dollar (CAD)
GDP in 2020$1645.4 (billions of USD)
World Rank: 9
GDP per capita in 2020$43,258
World Rank: 21
Major Industries / Economic SectorsAgriculture, manufacturing, energy, services
Top 5 Import CountriesUnited States, China, Mexico, Germany, Japan
Top 5 Export CountriesUnited States, China, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom

Biggest Cities in Canada

Here are the largest cities in Canada based on 2021 data:

City Population
Toronto 5,429,524
Montreal 3,519,595
Vancouver 2,264,823
Calgary 1,239,220
Edmonton 1,062,643
Ottawa 989,567
Mississauga 721,599
Winnipeg 705,244
Quebec City 705,103
Hamilton 693,645

Map of Canada with the Largest Cities

Other Countries in the North America Region

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