Jamaica Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Jamaica Flag

The flag of Jamaica was officially launched on August 6, 1962.

The flag is made up of four yellow crosses, the yellow cross and the two green crosses formed by this cross. The yellow color of the Andreas cross symbolizes the rich underground resources in the country and the beauty emitted by the sun’s rays.

The black that gives color to the equilateral triangle on the side where the flag fluctuates and expresses the difficulties and poverty of the country in the past and today. The green, which gives color to the equilateral triangles on the upper and lower side of the flag, represents the country’s hopes and agricultural power.

Jamaica Flag Map and Meaning 1
Jamaica Flag Map

History of the Jamaica Flag

After being discovered in 1494 by Christopher Columbus, Jamaica became a Spanish colony. Then the indigenous people living on the island were quickly destroyed. In 1658, the British took the island and turned it into a pirate base. The population growth in Jamaica began only in the 18th century, with the arrival of farmers from the British Isles, and in particular 40,000 black people which were brought to the country. In the aftermath of the great uprising in 1831, the black people acquired a so-called freedom. But they rebuilt in 1865 to get rid of the yoke of the whites.

In 1866, the country became a colony of England and entered a period where the society was at peace and the two communities began to live together under the patronage of the governor. In 1884, a British type government was adopted to adopt the local representation system. At that time, Jamaica used the British Colony Flag. The flag contained the Jamaica coat of arms, along with British blue and Union Jack.

In 1944, he was elected as a House of Representatives by general vote; In 1959 autonomy was achieved; In 1962, Jamaica became a member of the Commonwealth.

After the independence of the country in 1962, a few flags were created but this flag was decided. One of the first recommended flags consisted of five horizontal strips. The flag created with these strips in yellow, green and black colors was not accepted because of the similarity to the color ranking except for the band ratios with the Tanganyika (the region within the borders of Tanzania nowadays).

Neighboring Countries of Jamaica

Jamaica Flag Map and Meaning 2

Jamaica is located in Central America. Jamaica, an island country, has no land borders. An island country, Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea.

Main Characteristics of Jamaica

Jamaica is an island country where over one million tourists visit each year thanks to its lush nature, different cultures, and music styles. The annual Jamaica Carnival is one of the most popular activities for tourists. Jamaica is where Reggae music comes out. It is also known as the country of Bob Marley. Kingston is the capital of the country. The official language is English. Apart from this language, Creole is also spoken. The currency is Jamaican dollars.

The tropical climate prevails. It is under the influence of hot, humid air. However, a more temperate climate is seen in the interior.

Tropical fruits are of great importance. In general, rice, cooked with ingredients such as peas and corn is also widely used. Popular dishes include fried catfish.

CodeJM (JAM)
Calling Code+1 876
Capital CityKingston
Currencyjamaican dollar (JMD)
Emoji Symbol🇯🇲
Highest PointBlue Mountain Peak (2,256 m)
Internet TLD.jm
Total Area10,991 km2