Grenada Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Grenada Flag

The flag of Grenada is composed of four triangles, two of which are yellow (above and below) and two of them are green, surrounded by a rectangle divided in red. There are seven yellow five-pointed stars on the flag. Three of them are in the red strip above the flag, three in the red strip at the bottom of the flag, and one in the circle placed in the middle of the flag. Also, there is a small coconut symbol in the triangle in the raised part of the flag.

Each of the stars on the flag represents the administrative regions of the country. The red color of the flag represents courage and vitality. Gold color represents wisdom and temperature. The green represents the country’s vegetation and agriculture.

Grenada Flag Map
Grenada Flag Map

History of the Grenada Flag

The first flag of Grenada was a British Blue Ensign, adopted in 1875. The flag of Grenada in the upper left corner consisted of a blue floor with Union Jack and a badge on the right corner. The badge shows the workers in a sugarcane mill. In 1903, the badge was changed. In the new badge there was a ship at sea and mountains and sky on the horizon behind the ship.

In 1967 Grenada became a British affiliated state and was adopted a new flag. The accepted flag consisted of three horizontal stripes, blue-yellow-green. In the middle of the flag was a white circle with a red edge and a carnation in the middle of the circle. When Grenada gained full independence in 1974, a completely new flag was adopted. The new flag consisted of four triangles, two yellow and two green, a thick red edge and six golden stars on this edge. At the same time, with a coconut symbol on the left, a red disk in the center and a golden star in the disc. This flag has continued to fluctuate up to the present day unchanged on the territory of Grenada.

Neighboring Countries of Grenada

Neighboring Countries of Grenada
Neighboring Countries of Grenada

It is an island country located in the Caribbean. It is located east of the Atlantic Ocean. Since the country is an island country, there is no land limit.

Main Characteristics of Grenada

Grenada is a very developed island country with its beaches and nature. It is also known as the spice island due to spice production. In the world, the countries that export the most coconut. The capital, Grenada, is also the most populous city in the country. The official language is English. The country’s people often use the so-called Grenadian Creole. They use the Eastern Caribbean dollar as currency.

Tropical climate prevails. The coastal areas are constantly raining and in the interior areas, the temperature decreases gradually. Popular food is Oildown made from coconut. Other notable dishes include Dasheen, Callaloo, Lambie Waters.

CodeGD (GRD)
Calling Code+1 473
Capital CitySt. George’s
Currencyeast caribbean dollar (XCD)
Emoji Symbol🇬🇩
Highest PointMount Saint Catherine (840 m)
Total Area344 km2