Georgia Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Georgia Flag

The flag of Georgia is made up of five crosses, one large and four smaller on a white background. The crosses are the St. George cross and represent the religiosity of Georgia.

Georgia Flag Map
Georgia Flag Map

History of the Georgia Flag

The history of the five-crossed flag design dates back to the 14th century. During this period, Georgia uses the red St. George cross on a white background. During Giorgi V, four small crosses representing Georgians’ religiosity were added to the flag after the destruction of Mongol attacks and the construction of many monasteries and churches in the country.

The Georgian flag is the flag of the Republic of Georgia adopted on 14 January 2004. The five-crossed flag was the flag of the medieval Georgian Kingdom and was re-adopted as the flag of the country by the United National Movement, which ruled by the Rose Revolution.

The flag of Georgia between 1918-1921 was a different flag. With the establishment of the Soviet rule, this flag was replaced by a red and blue flag with socialist symbols. When the country declared its independence in 1990, the flag used between 1918-1921 was reused. On January 14, 2004, the five-cross flag used by patriots in the 90s won enough votes from the parliament and became the country’s flag.

Neighboring Countries of Georgia

Neighboring Countries of Georgia
Neighboring Countries of Georgia

On the eastern coast of the Black Sea, Georgia in the South Caucasus is bordered with Russia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, Armenia to the south and Turkey to the southwest.

Main Characteristics of Georgia

Georgia, the coastline overlooking the Black Sea, the mountains with magnificent views, historical structures and much other beauty of the country with a lot of interest by tourists. In addition, the world-famous herbs and spas are among the places to visit. The capital Tbilisi is highly developed in terms of artistic activities. The most widely spoken language is Russian after Georgian. Apart from these languages, there are different languages that ethnic groups speak. The currency of the country is Lari.

The Black Sea coast and the Rion basin have a warm, humid, semi-tropical climate, while the east is under the influence of a more continental climate. The winters are cold and the summers are dry and hot. They are affected by European and Middle Eastern cuisines. Food cultures also vary by region. Meat, fish, pastries, and vegetables have an important place. There are world famous wines.

CodeGE (GEO)
Calling Code995
Capital CityTbilisi
Currencygeorgian lari (GEL)
Emoji Symbol🇬🇪
Highest PointMt’a Shkhara (5,201 m)
Total Area69,700 km2