Belgium Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Belgium Flag

The flag consists of 3 equal vertical stripes on the left black, yellow on the middle and red on the right. The red color represents the red lion of the city of Luxembourg, the yellow lion of the yellow city of Brabant, and the black color represents the black lion of the city of Flander.

Belgium Flag Map and Meaning 1
Belgium Flag Map

History of the Belgium Flag

In general, the colors and drawings we used to see on the flag of most European countries are also used in the Belgian flag, but there are certain differences of meaning. This flag, which was first used in Belgium in 1792 after a victory against Austria, was drawn in a transverse manner and was later inspired by the French flag and in 1831 colors were used vertically.

For the first time in 1830, the Belgian capital Brussels began a struggle against the Netherlands. In this way, the flag search starts and the flag is prepared with a theme in three horizontal colors (black, yellow and red). As the lion of Luxembourg, the red color is considered to be yellow as the lion of Brabant and black as the lion of the Flander. Belgium, which remained under French sovereignty for many years, tried to endure the pressure of this state for the last time with the occupation of Germany. In the end, they were liberated by the British and had the right to live freely.

No pressure in history has been enough to change the Belgian flag, and since 1792, the flag of Belgium has remained the same, except for very small touches.

Neighboring Countries of Belgium

Neighboring Countries of Belgium
Neighboring Countries of Belgium

The number of countries in which Belgium borders is 4. It borders the Netherlands in the North, Germany, and Luxembourg in the East and France in the South.

Main Characteristics of Belgium

Belgium is a densely populated country which can achieve a balance between commercial, intensive agriculture, urbanization, transportation, and industrial demands. A large export volume of goods produced and imported in large quantities of raw materials are mostly made to other EU countries.

The rich and wonderful heritage of Belgium, which is known as the country that takes the key role in the management of the European Union, is surprising to everyone. Medieval and Art-Nouveau-style architecture and a long history of fashion, food culture and a host of fascinating historical cities. In the countryside of Belgium, the Ardennes offers many opportunities, from hills covered with dense forests to ridges and sandy beaches.

CodeBE (BEL)
Calling code32
Capital cityBrussels
Currencyeuro (EUR)
Emoji symbol🇧🇪
Highest pointSignal de Botrange (694 m)
Total area32,545 km2