Chad Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Chad Flag

The flag of Chad is based on the French flag and Pan-African colors, and the two flags are reminiscent of the new flag. The flag consists of strips that vertically divide the flag into three equal parts. These strips are listed as blue, yellow and red respectively.

The blue color on the raised side of the flag represents the clear sky, hope and southern regions of the country, while the yellow color, which gives the middle strip color, symbolizes the sun and deserts in the northern part of the country. The red color on the fluctuating side indicates progress and unity.

Chad Flag Map
Chad Flag Map

History of the Chad Flag

In the 20th century, Chad was a French colony. The first flag fluctuating in Chad, the French colony as part of French Equatorial Africa, was between 1900 and 1959 the French blue-white-red vertical tricolor flag. When Chad gained independence in 1959, a new blue-yellow-red vertical tri-color flag was designed and adopted. This flag is the first and last flag of Chad.

In Chad, despite much political turmoil and instability, the flag has never changed and remained the same. Blue color represents hope, yellow color desert, and red color symbolizes unity and sacrifice.

Neighboring Countries of Chad

Neighboring Countries of Chad
Neighboring Countries of Chad

Located in Central Africa. It is adjacent to Libya in the north, Niger in the west, Nigeria and Cameroon in the west, the Central African Republic in the south and Sudan in the east.

Main Characteristics of Chad

Chad; is a Central African country with a large part of the Sahara Desert covered by the sea. It is named after Lake Chad, which has been destroyed 90% of our time. Its capital is Ndjamena, the country’s largest city. In addition to official languages French and Arabic, more than 100 languages and dialects are used. The currency is the CFA franc. Euro and Dollar are valid in many places outside of their currency.

It has a climate that varies according to regions. In the northern region, the desert climate and the tropical climate prevail in the south. Hot, dry, dusty winds occur in the north; The southern part receives plenty of rainfall. Daraba is the main dish of Chad. The most preferred meat type is lamb meat.

CodeTD (TCD)
Calling code235
Capital cityN’Djamena
Currencycentral african cfa franc (XAF)
Emoji symbol🇹🇩
Highest pointEmi Koussi (3,445 m)
Total area1,284,000 km2