Where are the Maldives?

Maldives is located in the South Asia region at latitude 3.202778 and longitude 73.22068 and is part of the Asian continent.

The DMS coordinates for the center of the country are:

  • 3° 12' 10.00'' N
  • 73° 13' 14.45'' E

You can see the location of Maldives on the world map below:

The country has no neighboring countries/land borders. Pin pointing out the location of the Maldives on the South Asia map

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Maldives Key Facts

Indicator Maldives
Coordinates 3.202778, 73.22068
Country code alpha-2 MV
Country code alpha-3 MDV
Int. Phone Prefix +960
Capital city Malé
Continent Asia
World Bank Region South Asia
Country area in sq km 298
Population 2021 543,620
Median Age 30.6
Life expectancy 79.9
World Bank income group Upper middle income
Major languages Dhivehi (official, dialect of Sinhala, script derived from Arabic), English (spoken by most government officials)
Currency Rufiyaa (MVR)
GDP in 2020 3.7 billion
GDP per capita in 2020 $6,924
UTC/GMT Time UTC+05:00 Number of time zones: 1
Internet TLD .mv
Biggest Airport Velana International Airport (MLE)
Average temperature (in Celsius) 28
Administrative Divisions 19 administrative atolls 2 cities