Sierra Leone Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Sierra Leone Flag

The Sierra Leone flag consists of three equal-sized horizontal lines, the upper strip is green, the middle white and the bottom strip is blue. Green ribbon represents the cultivation and natural richness of the country and the mountains. The white colored ribbon represents justice and unity. The blue ribbon represents the Atlantic Ocean and the port of Freetown, the capital of the country.

Sierra Leone Flag Map and Meaning 1
Sierra Leone Flag Map

History of the Sierra Leone Flag

In 1889, the British colonized Sierra Leone. During this period, Sierre Leone began to use the British Colony flag. On this flag, the Union Jack was on the top left side of the flag on the blue ground. On the right side of the flag was the armor coat of arms used by many African colonial countries. At the bottom of the rigging, the abbreviation of Sierre Leone, S.L. was written.

In 1914, the emblem in the flag was changed to better express the region. The new coat of arms consisted of a white circle. There was a shield inside the white circle, and the top of the shield was Union Jack. The lower part of the shield consisted of two parts. There were a sea and a human figure on the left side and a palm tree on the right side. At the bottom of the white circle is Auspice Britannia Liber.

Sierra Leone was granted independence in 1961. With independence, Sierre Leone started using a new flag. The new flag consists of three green-white-blue horizontal stripes. Since 1961, the flag of Sierre Leone has continued to fluctuate unchanged.

Neighboring Countries of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Flag Map and Meaning 2

It is located in West Africa. To the southeast is Guinea, to the southeast is Liberia, and to the southwest is the Atlantic Ocean. Sierra Leone is divided into 5 provinces and 16 districts.

Main Characteristics of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone means mountains with lions. Because of the abundance of lions in the country, the Portuguese gave this name. The capital of the country is Freetown, which is located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The official language is English. The Krio language is also spoken by most people. The currency is Leone.

A tropical climate prevails. The average annual temperature is around 26 degrees. The humidity is high and the precipitation is high in coastal areas. Most rainfall period is from June to September. The basic food of the country cuisine is rice. Casseroles using meat or fish are very popular. Most people consume organic nutrients that they grow in their gardens. Since the country is the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, fish consumption is also quite high.

CountrySierra Leone
CodeSL (SLE)
Calling Code232
Capital CityFreetown
Currencysierra leonean leone (SLL)
Emoji SymbolπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±
Highest PointMount Bintumani (Loma Mansa) (1,948 m)
Total Area71,740 km2