European Continent/Map of Europe

The European continent is remarkable because it is the continent where the most important and most developed countries in the world are located. Since it is one of the continents extending from ancient times, it is also the continent which attracts the most tourists in the world.

The European continent has an area of 10,523,000 square kilometers. (This magnitude corresponds to approximately 7% of the world’s land)

Europe on the World Map
Europe on the World Map (click to enlarge)

The Characteristics of the European Continent

Some interesting facts about the European Continent:

  1. It’s the second smallest continent in the world.
  2. The European name means “the side where the sunset is“.
  3. It has become one of the continents where the greatest empires of the world are founded.
  4. It has the feature of being the first continent to be industrialized in the world.
  5. Europe has the most educated people in the world. At the same time, the continent with the most qualified staff is still Europe.
  6. Countries with the best standard of living are countries on the European continent.
  7. Europeans are the inventors who have the biggest share in the scientific and technological developments in the world.
  8. The Ural Mountains form the eastern border of Europe. The Ural River forms the southeast border. The Arctic Ocean sets the North border. The Mediterranean is the southern boundary of Europe. The northwestern boundary is the Atlantic Ocean.
  9. The European continent is separated from Asia by the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. Gibraltar separates the continent from the African continent.
  10. It is a continent that is intertwined with the Asian continent.
  11. The distance between the easternmost point and the westernmost point of the European continent is approximately 5,500 kilometers.
  12. The highest point of the European continent is the Mount Elbrus in the Russian country with an altitude of 5,642 meters. The lowest point is the northern point of the Caspian Sea, 30 meters deep below sea level.
  13. The largest island of the Europe continent is the Great British Islands.
  14. 1The largest lake is the Lake Ladoga with a surface area of 18,400 square kilometers.

The Largest Country: Russia

Russia is the largest and most populous country in the continent covering 39% of the land area in the Europe continent. Russia is also the largest country in the world.

If we do not count Russia as part of Europe, then France would be the largest country of Europe.

Europe continent hosted two of the world wars in its history. Finally, after the second world war, European countries came together and peace has settled in Europe.

In 1951 the European Union was been established as the European Coal and Steel Community with 6 countries.

After then the union has become larger, many more countries have joined in. Today there are 28 countries in the European Union.

There are 19 countries in Eurozone and you can find the complete list in European Union Map.  Eurozone is a region in order to support the economies of countries in the European Union.

The List of the Countries in Europe Continent

Europe Continent Map
Europe Continent Map

There are 50 countries in the European Continent. Here below you can find the list of the countries.

Defining the right boundary between the two continents (Asia and Europe) was a big question for geographers and politicians. Today, it is generally depicted by Russia, the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains in the Caucasus Mountains.

Europe has 51 independent states. Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, are part of the transcontinental country located in Europe and Asia. Armenia and Cyprus are politically considered European countries, although they are geographically located in the West Asian region.

AzerbaijanMacedonia (FYROM)
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMonaco
Czech RepublicPoland
FranceSan Marino
KosovoUnited Kingdom
Countries that make up the European Continent

Cold Winters, Hot Summers

Climate changes in Europe continent due to location. In the north and central Europe summers are hot and dry while the winters are cold and snowy. In addition, the Northern part is colder and snowier than the central part of Europe.

Furthermore, the southern part or with the other name Mediterranean part is extremely hot and dry in summer, and wet and rainy in winter.

The Gulf Stream is thought to be the heater of the continent.

The Highest Point: Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is the highest point of the continent. Moreover, it is a dormant volcano in Southern Russia near the border with Georgia. However, there are different thoughts about the mountains continental borders. The stronger belief is it is in Europe continent due to its position on the northern side of Russia.

Animal Species in Europe

Europe continent is not rich in animal species. Europe’s original fauna and flora were therefore mostly forest dependant or tolerant species, such as bears, boar, and badgers. As agriculture opened up the landscape, opportunities arose for other species.

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