World’s Biggest Earthquakes

What is an Earthquake?

An earthquake is the seismic fluctuations that occur in an unexpected event in the earth’s crust, and the earth-shattering event of these waves.

As you can see, earthquakes, perhaps the most horrifying of our earth’s various natural disasters, are a type of disaster that can produce enormous amounts of energy resulting in a series of seismic fluctuations.

Today, the effects of these earthquakes on humanity are huge. In fact, we are the ones that cause this effect to grow in size. Unfortunately, the pace of the buildings to be built is low. The people living in these buildings are trapped in the debris of the collapsed buildings due to the earthquake.

Let’s take a look at the list we have compiled for you now.

Here is a Map of the World’s Biggest Earthquakes:

World's Biggest Earthquakes 1
World’s Biggest Earthquakes

The World’s Biggest Earthquakes by date:

November 12, 2017

An earthquake of 7.3 magnitude took place in a region near the Iraqi-Iranian border, near the center of the towns of Sulaimaniya and Halabja. At least 335 people lost their lives in Iran and Iraq, and nearly 4 people were injured.

September 7, 2017

The magnitude 8.1 earthquake in Mexico was the largest earthquake in the country in the last 100 years, but the epicenter was far from the land. The end of this earthquake devastated 65 people in southern Mexico and Guatemala.
The earthquake that took place on September 17th, although smaller, took more lives. The 7.1-magnitude earthquake has caused more than 200 people to lose their lives in and around the capital city of Mexico.

April 16, 2016

Ecuador’s shore was shaken by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, and the earthquake took more than 650 lives. 16 thousand people were injured, 7 thousand buildings collapsed.

Ecuador earthquake in 2016
Ecuador earthquake in 2016

October 26, 2015

The headquarters of Afghanistan has lost 400 lives since the earthquake of 7.5 magnitude in northeast. Most of the dead were Pakistani citizens. The earthquake also felt in India and Tajikistan.

April 26, 2015

The biggest earthquake in Nepal since 1934 has resulted in 8,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands left homeless. Due to the magnitude 7.8 earthquake, 98 percent of the mountainous peasants were destroyed in some parts of the country.

earthquake in Nepal
Earthquake in Nepal

September 25, 2013

More than 300 people have died because of the 7.7-magnitude earthquake that plagued the villagers in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province.

March 11, 2011

The magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan has resulted in more than 20 people losing their lives or disappearing. The tremor led to the biggest nuclear disaster in the country since the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986.

Japan earthquake
OFUNATO, Japan (March 15, 2011) A fishing boat is among debris in Ofunato, Japan, following a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Matthew M. Bradley/Released)

February 27, 2010

The earthquake that took place in Conception city of Chile took 700 lives. The earthquake was at 8.8 magnitude.

Chile earthquake
Chile Earthquake

January 12, 2010

The 7.7-magnitude earthquake that took place in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, suffered more than 230 lives.

September 30, 2009

More than one person died in the earthquake of 7.5 magnitude, which hit the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Island of Sumatra, Indonesia
Island of Sumatra, Indonesia

May 12, 2008

China’s Sichuan province in a single region of the earthquake that resulted, 87 thousand people lost their lives. 370 thousand people were injured after the earthquake.
The 7.8-magnitude tremor happened at noon, about 100 kilometers away from the capital of the province, Chengdu.

Sichuan, China earthquake
Sichuan, China Earthquake

August 15, 2007

The earthquake of 7.9 magnitude, which is at the base of the sea, has killed 519 people in Peru’s coastal province of Ica.

July 17, 2006

The 7.7-magnitude earthquake that broke out in Indonesia on the open sea led to the Tsunami over 200 kilometers on the southwest coast of Java Island. More than 650 people lost their lives.

Sumatra, Indonesia (Jan. 4, 2005) Ð A Lone mosque stands among the damage of a coastal village near Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Helicopters assigned to Carrier Air Wing Two (CVW-2) and Sailors from Abraham Lincoln are conducting humanitarian operations in the wake of the Tsunami that struck South East Asia. The Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group is currently operating in the Indian Ocean off the waters of Indonesia and Thailand. U.S. Navy photo by Photographers Mate 3rd Class Jacob J. Kirk (RELEASED)

October 8, 2005

The earthquake of 7.6 magnitude, which hit north of Pakistan and controversial Kashmir region, cost the lives of 73,000 people. Millions of people were homeless.

March 28, 2005

Indonesia’s Nias Island hit an 8.7-magnitude earthquake that killed 300 people.

December 26, 2004

The 9.2-magnitude earthquake has caused gigantic waves in Asia. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives.

January 26, 2001

An earthquake of 7.9 magnitude took place in Gujarat state, northwest of India. 20 thousand people lost their lives in the earthquake, more than a million people were left home.

September 21, 1999

The 7.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Taiwan killed 2,500 people and wounded every city in the island.


August 17, 1999

In the Kocaeli-Gölcük-based earthquake, more than 17 people lost their lives and more were injured. Earthquake of magnitude 7.4.

May 27, 1995

The earthquake of 7.5 magnitude, which hit Sakhalin, Russia’s largest island in the Pacific Ocean, killed 1,999 people.

June 21, 1990

About 40 thousand people died in the earthquake that hit Iran’s Gilan province in the size of 7.4.

September 19, 1985

Mexico’s capital city, Mexico, was shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 and more than 10 people lost their lives because of the earthquake.

July 28, 1976

Tangshan in north east of China was destroyed as a result of 7.8 magnitude earthquake. More than 250 people lost their lives.

May 31, 1970

The 7.9-magnitude earthquake in the Peruvian part of the Andes led to a landslide. Yungay city was under the ground, 65 thousand people were killed.

May 22, 1960

The world’s most severe earthquake measured up to now hit Chile. It was 9.5 in size according to the Earthquake Richter scale. The tsunami, measuring 10 meters in height, has destroyed some of the villages. There are different figures about the loss of life, about 2,000 people have died.

September 1, 1923

The Great Kanto Earthquake, which is slightly outside Tokyo’s capital, the capital of Japan’s central base, lost approximately 142,800 people. Depression varies from 7.9 to 8.2 depending on different sources.