Andorra Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Andorra Flag

Flag of Andorra is the flag of the Principality of Andorra.

The flag is divided into 3 equal lengths, blue on the left, yellow on the middle and red on the right. Since Andorra was managed by France and Spain, the flag takes the blue color of the flag of France and the yellow color of the flag of Spain and the red color of the flags of both countries. The yellow color in the middle is also found in the Andorra coat of arms. The size of the flag is 3: 2.

Andorra Flag Map and Meaning 1
Andorra Flag Map

History of the Andorra Flag

The national flag of the Principality of Andorra was adopted in 1866.

The design is related to France, Spain, Catalonia, and Foix flags, which are historically in connection with the country of Andorra. The flag, consisting of three vertical stripes, resembles the French tri-color flag, while the Spanish flag has a wider midline pattern. The blue and red of the Andorra flag is also found in the French flag. Red and yellow are also the colors of the Catalan flag and the colors of the old Foix County coat of arms.

From 1806 to 1866, the Andorra flag was a vertical two-color yellow and red. The ‘Virtus Unita Fortior’ motto in the middle lanes means “Virtue United is stronger”. The design is similar to the flags of Romania, Moldova and Chad. These are all three-color colors of blue, yellow and red, but unlike the ones of Andorra, all the lines of their flags are of equal width.

Neighboring Countries of Andorra

Andorra Flag Map and Meaning 2

Andorra is a tiny country that has no connection to the sea between Spain and France. Located in southwestern Europe.

Main Characteristics of Andorra

Andorra is Europe’s number one country of choice for quality shopping at affordable prices. Being one of the smallest countries in Europe, Andorra is a charming place with an area of 468 square kilometers, with a population of 60 thousand and an average of 12-14 million tourists a year. Andorra became a region attached to the Uren Principality 13 kilometers away from the center and later turned into a region where the French and the Spanish dominated the battle of domination. Having changed hands between these two, Andorra became a burden on the Spaniards from the 1900s onwards, giving the country independence. The country is a principality governed by democracy.

Andorra’s currency is Euro. The international currency code is EUR. Andorra’s official language is Catalan. Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French are among the languages spoken in the country.

CodeAD (AND)
Calling code376
Capital cityAndorra la Vella
Currencyeuro (EUR)
Emoji symbol🇦🇩
Highest pointComa Pedrosa (2,946 m)
Total area468 km2