5 Countries That Start with the Letter “K”

5 UN Nation Countries That Start with “K”

There are 5 recognized United Nations member countries* that start with the letter “K”:

#Country NameEmoji FlagUN NationAlpha 3 CodePopulation (2022)Continent

*UN Nation Countries are sovereign states recognized by the United Nations as members, signifying their acceptance and participation in global diplomacy and international law. These nations have full independence and control over their internal and external affairs, and they contribute to shaping global decisions and policies through their participation in the UN.

All countries with the letter “K” are United Nations countries. There are no non-UN recognized entities* that start with the letter “K”.

*Non-UN Recognized Entities are geopolitical units without full recognition as independent nations by the United Nations, encompassing territories, dependencies, autonomous regions, protectorates, and de facto states. While not standalone nations, they exhibit varying degrees of self-governance and contribute significantly to cultural diversity, economic systems, and global affairs.

Countries with “K” on the World Map