Top 10 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

The stunning Alps of Switzerland are well-known. You should consider a trip to the Alps in the fall or the summer. Late summer is a time when the Alps are less crowded and cities have fewer tourists. However, June is the warmest month of the year and December is the best month to shop. Visit Switzerland in the late summer or early autumn for the best attractions and activities.

Below, we listed 10 reasons why you should visit Switzerland.

1. Lucerne

Water Tower, Wasserturm, Mount Pilatus and Chapel Bridge, Kapellbrucke over the river Reuss during evening in Old Town of Lucerne, Switzerland.
Water Tower and the Chapel Bridge over the river Reuss in the Old Town of Lucerne, Switzerland.

When planning a trip to Lucerne, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore this beautiful city. The Old Town features stunning architecture and the Hofkirche is a must-visit landmark. The museums here are also worth a look, particularly the Swiss Museum of Transport. The town is renowned for its chocolate, so don’t miss it! In addition, if you like history, Lucerne is home to the world’s steepest rack railway.

Church of St. Leodegar or Hofkirche St. Leodegar is a Roman Catholic church in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland
Church of St. Leodegar or Hofkirche St. Leodegar is a Roman Catholic church in the city of Lucerne.

Lucerne’s Old Town is well preserved, making it easy to see on foot. This picturesque town is pedestrianized and consists of narrow cobblestone streets, medieval bridges, and fountains. You’ll also find towering timber-framed buildings painted in rainbow colors, giving you some spectacular views. You’ll want to bring along your camera, as you’ll be taking countless pictures of all kinds.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Switzerland 1
Map of Switzerland – Also see: Political Map of Switzerland and Cantons of Switzerland

2. Lausanne

Cityscape of Lausanne city and view of the Grand-Pont (grand bridge) with a trolleybus on it and old Notre-Dame de Lausanne cathedral in background in Switzerland
Cityscape of Lausanne city and view of the Grand-Pont Bridge with the old Notre-Dame de Lausanne cathedral in background.

Whether you’re visiting for a vacation, business trip, or to pursue an educational degree, the city of Lausanne has something to offer every visitor. The city is home to world-class research and educational institutions, including private schools. Students come from all over the world to study here. Lausanne is also a cultural center, with several historic buildings and religious sites of note. World-famous churches include the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Swiss Reformed Church of Saint-Francois and Saint-Laurent. There is also the Synagogue of Lausanne.

As the seat of the International Olympic Committee, Lausanne is an interesting city. It is a thriving urban center with a rural heart. With its ancient history and unique combination of nature and city, Lausanne is a modern and cultural center with many attractions. You’ll find a cosmopolitan vibe in this city, with numerous cultural attractions and restaurants that cater to a variety of tastes. It’s also home to an aquarium, and its proximity to the lake allows visitors to enjoy the scenic lake and a number of festivals and events.

3. Locarno

Aerial view of Locarno city and Maggiore lake on a sunny summer day, canton of Ticino, Switzerland.
Aerial view of Locarno city and the Lake Maggiore.

There are many reasons to visit Locarno in Switzerland, including the city’s beautiful natural landscape and unique history. Visitors can also enjoy the city’s salt-water baths, which have a multi-level design that overlooks the lake. The most notable site in Locarno is the Madonna del Sasso church, which was founded after the Virgin Mary appeared here. The views of Locarno from the church are a must-see, so don’t miss this sight.

View of Madonna del Sasso Sanctuary in Orselina, above Locarno city and lake Maggiore, Ticino, Switzerland
View of Madonna del Sasso Sanctuary in Orselina, above Locarno city and lake Maggiore, Ticino, Switzerland

If you’re planning a trip to the Swiss Alps, be sure to include a visit to Locarno. The town is located on Lake Maggiore in the Ticino region of southern Switzerland and is easily accessible by train or public transportation. Getting to Locarno is easy: the town is only thirteen kilometers from the Italian border and is easily accessible from Milan, Zurich, Geneva, and Lugano. You can drive to Locarno and vice versa, and the train service is excellent.

map of lake maggiore
Map of Lake Maggiore

4. Lake Maggiore

Lake Lago Maggiore in the background of the Alps mountains, Stresa, Italy
Lake Maggiore (view from Stresa, Italy)

There are many reasons to visit Lake Maggiore, but the most obvious one is the beauty of this picturesque place. Whether you want to soak up the sun by the lake, explore the Alpine botanical gardens, or just enjoy the peaceful, Mediterranean climate, you’ll find it in this beautiful spot. If you’re looking for even more reasons to visit Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is sure to please.

The lake is surrounded by the peaks of the Lepontine and Pennine Alps and the Lugano Prealps. Some of the most well-known peaks are the Mottarone, Monte Nudo, and Monte Tamaro. If you’re looking for a peak to climb, you might want to consider the fifteen thousand-foot Monte Rosa, which towers above the lake.

5. Valle Verzasca

Double arch stone bridge at Ponte dei Salti with waterfall, Lavertezzo, Verzascatal, Canton Tessin.
Double arch stone bridge at Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo, Verzascatal, Canton Tessin.

The Verzasca valley is known for its age-old bridge. Aside from being a great place for swimming, this valley is also a hiker’s paradise. It lies in the south of Switzerland, surrounded by the Alps. It is the geometric center of the Canton of Ticino, and it is also within the Locarno district. The river that runs through it is wild and emerald green.

The Verzasca river is a ten metre deep gorge that features waterfalls and natural waterslides. Verzasca is a popular tourist destination. Taking the time to visit this valley in the late spring or late autumn is an unforgettable experience.

6. Chillon Castle

The Chillon Castle (in french: Chateau de Chillon) is an island castle on the Lake Geneva near the town of Montreux, Switzerland.
The Chillon Castle (in French: Château de Chillon) is an island castle on the Lake Geneva near the town of Montreux, Switzerland.

If you’re looking for a great castle to visit in Switzerland, the Chillon Castle is a must-see! Built in the mid-12th century, the castle was originally built to protect a main route connecting Italy and France. The castle’s history dates back to the Middle Ages, and it was home to several ruling families. Today, it is home to numerous artifacts, murals, and architectural features. Visitors to the Chillon Castle can get a real feel for medieval life!

The Chillon Castle is a prime example of the 18th century’s restoration. This medieval castle was taken over by the French in 1798 CE. The French and Vevey communities eventually regained control of the castle, and the French occupied it for the rest of the century. The Chillon Castle became a military prison and archive in the 1800s CE, but it was not until 1887 that the Canton of Vaud acquired the castle that it was finally able to restore its splendor. During the late 19th century CE, archaeologist Albert Naef began the restoration work. His sketches and journal document the process and the replacement stones.

7. Lake Lugano

Scenic view to the lake Lugano from mountain San Salvatore in Lugano, canton of Ticino, Switzerland
Scenic view to the lake Lugano from mountain San Salvatore in Lugano.

The area surrounding Lake Lugano is home to many fossils. One of the focal points of the lake’s fossil deposits is Monte San Giorgio, which dates to approx. 240 million years ago. This lake has long been polluted, but new sewage treatment facilities have helped the lake recover. In addition, a phosphorus filter has been installed in the Gandria area.

If you’re looking for a vacation spot in the Alps, a stop in Lake Lugano is a great choice. This quaint city is 100% Swiss, but shares a heavy history with neighboring Italy. Italian culture is prevalent here, so you’ll have no problem communicating. Besides the picturesque setting, the weather is mild and sunny. You can also enjoy the view of the Alps from the city’s lakeside.

8. Ice Rinks

Skating rink view in winter resort Davos, Switzerland.
Skating rink view in winter resort Davos.

Winter in Switzerland is magical, and ice rinks are one of the best ways to experience the season. Although not every lake freezes in Switzerland, those that do are wonderful. The chances of ice skating in the winter are greatly impacted by lake size and altitude. While larger lakes usually have a better chance of freezing in the winter, lower-altitude lakes are not as likely to have frozen waters until spring. This is why ice skating in the Alps is recommended over lower-altitude lakes. Likewise, in the mountains, weather changes quickly and ice skating is not always possible.

There are many natural ice rinks in Switzerland, and many of these are chairlift-accessible. One of the most impressive is located in Davos, where an 18,000 square-foot ice rink is found. Ice hockey players, speed skater champions, and beginners can all enjoy the fun at this rink. If you’re not an experienced ice skater, you can learn the game while enjoying a hot beverage from a chalet-style eatery.

9. Waterfalls

If you’re into waterfalls, there are several in Switzerland that are named. The Doubs River, for example, flows on the border of France and Switzerland and forms Brenets Lake and Falls. This slow river winds through cliffs and gorges and drops 88 feet (ca. 27 m). A 3 mile (4.83 km) hike and a 250-meter ascent will lead you to this stunning waterfall. Visitors of all ages are welcome here.

Segnesboden is an impressive waterfall located northwest of Flims, in the Graubunden region of Switzerland. Visitors can follow a gorge to the top of the waterfall, which is surrounded by otherworldly rock formations. The waterfall is also the site of the continent’s largest landslide, which makes it particularly breathtaking. You can reach the waterfall via cable car. There are many other waterfalls throughout Switzerland.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Switzerland 2
Waterfall Segnesboden near Flims, Switzerland

10. Study abroad in Switzerland

Study in Switzerland. Group of five african college students on campus at university yard hold white blank.

There are numerous reasons to study abroad in Switzerland. For one, it is among the safest countries in the world. In fact, the crime rate is almost nonexistent. Moreover, the risk of petty crimes is very low compared to other countries. You can enjoy the peaceful and beautiful environment by studying abroad in Switzerland.

The Swiss value family and close relationships, and you will be spending a good portion of your time with your host family while you study abroad. You can also engage in outdoor activities in the region, as you will never be more than 10 miles (ca. 16 km) away from one of the many sparkling lakes.

There are also plenty of opportunities to study German, French, or Italian. Whether you wish to study in the countryside or in the city, you will be able to immerse yourself in these languages.

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