🇩🇿 Algeria Flag Unveiled: Colors, Meaning, Coat of Arms, Flag Map, and Similar Flags

The Algerian flag is a profound emblem of the nation’s identity, unity, and independence.

The flag, adopted following the country’s liberation from French colonial rule, symbolizes Algeria’s rich history and aspirations for the future. The design features a simple yet powerful arrangement that reflects the country’s Islamic heritage and revolutionary spirit.

Flag of Algeria

Algerian flag with a green and white field and a red crescent and star in the center.
The national flag of Algeria

The Algerian flag features a vertical split of green and white, adorned at the center with a red crescent encircling a five-pointed star.

This design reflects Algeria’s Islamic heritage and commemorates the nation’s struggle for independence, serving as a potent emblem of national uniqueness and resilience.

Flag of Algeria: Color Palette



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Flag of Algeria superimposed on the outline map of the country.
Flag map algeria

Algeria Flag Emoji: 🇩🇿

The color palette of the Algerian flag is both striking and symbolic, consisting of green, white, and red. These colors are arranged in a manner that is visually balanced yet rich in meaning.

Each hue plays a crucial role in conveying the country’s cultural heritage and historical journey, creating a harmonious blend that captures the essence of Algeria.

Meaning of Each Color

Protesters marching on a sunny day while carrying a large Algerian flag.
Algerians in Algiers (the capital of Algeria)united in protest, proudly waving their national flag.


The green color on the Algerian flag has deep roots in Islamic tradition, embodying peace and the country’s lush natural richness.

It reflects Algeria’s predominant Muslim populace and its enduring connection to Islamic civilization. Additionally, green portrays hope and the nation’s aspiration for a fruitful future.


White on the Algerian flag symbolizes purity, peace, and decency, underscoring the nation’s dedication to preserving peace and stability. The color white also lends a visual balance to the flag, enhancing the prominence of the green and red elements.

Red (Crescent Moon and Star)

The red hue, seen explicitly in the crescent and star, represents the valor and blood of those who fought for Algeria’s independence. The red crescent and star symbolize the country’s Islamic heritage, emphasizing its religious lineage.

Algerian Coat of Arms

Emblem of Algeria featuring a crescent, a star, and a sunrise over mountains within a circular design.
The official coat of arms of Algeria, reflecting the country’s history and values.

The Algerian Coat of Arms amalgamates Islamic and natural symbols to depict national essence and values. Central symbols are a red crescent and star, representing Islamic heritage and the freedom of the Algerian people.

The Hand of Fatima, symbolizing the five pillars of Islam, is set against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains.

The emblem also showcases an industrial building, wheat ears, and olive branches, symbolizing Algeria’s industrial, agricultural, and peaceful pursuits. Above, a yellow sun represents hope and a new era for the country.

Historical Evolution and the Meaning Behind Changes

The Algerian flag, established in 1962, was inspired by the banner of the National Liberation Front during the War of Independence and has been preserved over the years, reflecting a commitment to the ideals fought for during the struggle for autonomy.

Circular emblem with a hand, a red star, and Arabic script.
The banner of the National Liberation Front, which inspired the design of Algeria’s national flag.

Before the colonial period, various flags were used in the region, with the crescent and star featuring prominently, indicative of Islamic influence. However, during the French occupation, the native symbols were suppressed and replaced by the French tricolor.

Upon achieving independence, there was a conscious decision to retain the design used by the liberation movement, ensuring that the sacrifices and values of the struggle were not forgotten.

Today, the Algerian flag is a source of national pride, a visual representation of the country’s journey from colonization to independence, and the shared beliefs that unite its people.

It is a constant reminder of the strength and unity required to overcome past adversities and a symbol of the nation’s ongoing commitment to its foundational values.

Overall Symbolic Meaning of the Flag

An Algerian flag pin marking the country's location, emphasizing its global presence
An Algerian flag pin marking Algeria’s location.

The Algerian flag serves as a poignant emblem, embodying the nation’s resilience, cultural roots, and journey toward self-determination. It instills national pride, unites the citizens under shared values, and stands as a testament to Algeria’s unique identity and aspirations for a harmonious and progressive future.

Similar Flags to the Flag of Algeria

The Algerian flag shares similarities with a few other national flags, owing to common Islamic symbols and color schemes.


The flag of Turkey, highlighting similarities with Algeria's flag
The flag of Turkey, highlighting similarities with Algeria’s flag.

Like Algeria’s flag, the flag of Turkey features a red field and displays both a star and a crescent, symbols commonly associated with Islam.

While Turkey’s flag has a plain red background with a white star and crescent, Algeria’s flag is split vertically with green on the left and white on the right, incorporating a red star and crescent.


The flag of Pakistan, featuring green and white colors, representing Islam and purity
The flag of Pakistan, featuring green and white colors, representing Islam and purity.

Pakistan’s flag also shares Islamic symbolism with Algeria’s flag. It features a green field, like half of the Algerian flag, and a white crescent and star. The difference lies in a white vertical stripe on the left of Pakistan’s flag, which is not present in Algeria’s flag.


Flag of Azerbaijan with horizontal bands of blue, red, and green, with a white crescent and an eight-pointed star in the center.
The Azerbaijani flag, sharing a crescent moon, star, and color scheme with Algeria’s.

The flag of Azerbaijan includes a crescent and an eight-pointed star, similar to the star and crescent on Algeria’s flag, once again reflecting Islamic heritage.

The Azerbaijani flag is composed of horizontal stripes in blue, red, and green. While the color schemes differ, the shared Islamic symbols create a visual and symbolic connection between the two flags.


The Algerian flag is a vibrant emblem of the nation’s identity, history, and values. Unique in its design and symbolism, it stands out in the global community of flags, creating a sense of pride and unity among its citizens.

Through its colors and symbols, the flag tells Algeria’s story, celebrating its past and inspiring its future.

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