Mozambique Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Mozambique Flag

The Mozambique flag consists of three equal horizontal bands. The upper stripe is green, the middle black and the bottom yellow. The black strip is bordered by a thin white strip from the top and bottom. On the left side of the flag is a red triangle, which is directed toward the center. In the center of the triangle is a five-pointed star with a yellow hull over it. The emblem consists of a rifle and anchor paintings, which are located diagonally on an open book.

The red ribbon represents the struggle for independence in Mozambique. The green represents the land of the country, while the black color represents the African continent. Yellow color indicates the country’s mineral resources. The yellow star represents the country’s socialist beliefs. The book represents education and represents anchors, peasants, and agriculture. Rifle refers to the determination of the freedom of the nation.

Mozambique Flag Map
Mozambique Flag Map

History of the Mozambique Flag

The flag of Mozambique was adopted on 1 May 1983. Mozambique gained independence from Portugal on 25 June 1975. The current Mozambique flag is based on the flag of the Mozambique Liberation Front, which plays a role in the country’s independence. The flag is almost the same as the non-emblem of the current Mozambique flag. The leaders of the Mozambique Liberation Front became the first president of independent Mozambique in 1975 and used the flag shortly before the transition.

The flag of Mozambique is unique in the world with the possession of an AK-47 type rifle symbol. In September 1999, a new flag design was made for Mozambique in September 1999 and 119 designs were made. The winner was chosen, but the new Mozambique flag never took place.

Neighboring Countries of Mozambique

Neighboring Countries of Mozambique
Neighboring Countries of Mozambique

Mozambique, a country in the southeastern part of Africa, is neighboring Tanzania, Malawi in the north, Zambia in the northwest, Zimbabwe in the west, South Africa and Swaziland in the southwest.

Main Characteristics of Mozambique

Mozambique is an African country that attracts tourists by the sea and famous diving spots. Capital Maputo is the largest city in the country. In addition to the official language, Portuguese, 40 different languages are spoken in the country. Metical is used as currency.

A tropical climate prevails. There are two seasons, dry and rainy. The period from October to March is the rainy season. Between April and September is a slightly dry season. The country’s cuisine is influenced by Portuguese cuisine. Piri-piri, pazozinho, matapa, camarao national and kakana are local dishes. Fish is also consumed a lot.

CodeMZ (MOZ)
Calling Code258
Capital CityMaputo
Currencymozambican metical (MZN)
Emoji Symbol🇲🇿
Highest PointMonte Binga (2,436 m)
Total Area801,590 km2