Zimbabwe Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Zimbabwe Flag

Zimbabwe flag consists of stripes which horizontally divide the flag into seven equal parts and are respectively green, yellow, red, black, red, yellow and green. On the lowered side of the flag, there is an isosceles triangle with a white background and a black frame, positioned above the horizontal strips. Inside the triangle, there is a five-pointed red star, which is located exactly opposite. On top of the star, there is the Zimbabwean bird, which is the national symbol of Zimbabwe and which stands in the nest, facing the flagpole.

The color of the horizontal stripes represents the countryside and agricultural areas of the country, while the yellow color represents the underground resources and resources. The red color on the flag symbolizes the blood flowing for the sake of the independence of the country, while the black color expresses the black people of the country. The white color of triangles reflects peace and forward path, while the star reflects Internationalism and the socialist idea of the ruling party. The bird, which is positioned on the star, is on the flag as a national symbol of the country.

Zimbabwe Flag Map and Meaning 1
Zimbabwe Flag Map

History of the Zimbabwe Flag

Before independence, Zimbabwe was known as Southern Rhodesia. The first flag fluctuating in the region was the flag of the British South Africa Company, adopted in 1890. This flag was the United Kingdom Flag with a white circle in the middle. In the white circle is a yellow lion holding the tusk in his hand and in the lower part of the lion is B.S.A.C. (British South Africa Company).

In 1923, Southern Rhodesia was under British rule and British blue ensign was accepted. There was a Union Jack in the top left corner of the flag and a shield on the right. There was a yellow pickax on the green ground inside the shield. On the top of the shield there was a red lion on a white background.

In 1953, Northern and Southern Rhodesia merged with Nyasaland and a new flag was adopted. The flag was almost the same as the previous flag, and the only difference was the symbols inside the shield. On this flag, the inside of the shield was divided into three. There was a rising sun at the top, a red lion on the white floor in the middle and black and white wavy lines at the bottom. When Northern Rhodesia claimed independence, Southern Rhodesia was divided and the original flag was adopted with a lighter blue background.

In 1968, the flag consisting of green-white-green vertical stripes was adopted in Rhodesia. The white stripe of the flag had a Rhodesia coat of arms. In 1979 the country was Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, and the golden Zimbabwean was adopted with a new three-color flag in the red-white-green landscape with black-and-white stripes with vertical white edges. This flag was replaced in 1980 by today’s flag.

Neighboring Countries of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Flag Map and Meaning 2
Neighboring Countries of Zimbabwe

It is a landlocked country in South Africa. It is surrounded by Mozambique to the east, Zambia to the north, Botswana to the west, and South Africa to the south. To the north is the Zambezi River and to the south Limpopo River.

Main Characteristics of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is an African country where you can explore wildlife with its safari tours, visit its natural beauties and historical sites. Standing out with its modern buildings, Harare is the biggest city and capital of the country. The official language of the country is English. The local languages Ndebele and Shona are also spoken by the public. The currency is the US $. Euro, Botswana pula, British pound and South African rand is also used.

A subtropical climate prevails. The period between November and March is rainy and warm and the period between May and August is cold and dry. While the average temperature is between 11 and 18 degrees in July, it varies between 20 and 31 degrees in October. They consume Sadza and stew, which is made with corn and potatoes, every day. They eat using their hands.

CodeZW (ZWE)
Calling Code263
Capital CityHarare
Currencyunited states dollar (USD)
Emoji Symbol🇿🇼
Highest PointMount Nyangani (2,592 m)
Internet TLD.zw
Total Area390,757 km2