Liberia Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Liberia Flag

The flag consists of six red and five white horizontal stripes. In the upper left corner of the flag, where the red and white stripes are arranged one after the other, there are five horizontal stripe-sized blue squares.

In the middle of the square, there is a white five-pointed star. A total of 11 horizontal stripes on the flag symbolize the 11 people who signed the country’s declaration of independence. Red color expresses courage and white color expresses high morale. The white star in the upper left corner symbolizes the independence of the slaves, while the blue ground represents the homeland of the black Africans, and therefore the first independent country of the African continent.

Liberia Flag Map
Liberia Flag Map

History of the Liberia Flag

The Liberian flag was modeled after the American flag in the 1820s and 1830s and resembled the Flag of America. Liberia is settled and colonized by African-American and Caribbean, Western Indian slaves as settlers. When the free American slaves arrived in Liberia in 1822, they called themselves Americo-Liberia. The reason for this was to separate themselves from African-Liberians and other settlers because Americans were Americans of Americo-Liberians. However, the only ethnic group to come to Liberia was not Americo-Liberia. Native Americans, Afro-Caribbean, African, European and white Americans were the ethnic groups that came with Americo-Liberia.

Since many ships and yachts have registered under the Liberia flag, the flag is seen on many ships around the world. Transport companies do this to prevent taxes and restrictions imposed by other countries. As the second most popular flag (after the Republic of Panama), 1,700 foreign ships are estimated to have the Liberia flag.

First Flag of Liberia

The flag of Liberia was created and the flag of the USA was taken as an example. The flag for the black African slaves, first sent back from the United States, consisted of 13 horizontal lanes, as was the case in the US flag. There was a cross in the blue square on the top left corner of the flag.

Neighboring Countries of Liberia

Neighboring Countries of Liberia
Neighboring Countries of Liberia

Liberia, located on the coast of West Africa, is neighbor to Sierra Leone in the northwest, Guinea in the north and Ivory Coast in the east.

Main Characteristics of Liberia

Liberia is the only non-colonial country in Africa and the oldest republic of the continent. The population of the country is divided into two groups: tribal people and Liberians. While the tribal people live in villages and forests, the Liberians have higher living standards. The capital Monvoria is one of the country’s highly developed cities in the area of trade and tourism. The official language is English. The currency is the Liberian dollar. However, the US dollar is also used.

The climate is hot and humid at the shore. The average annual temperature is 27 degrees. In January, it falls to 10 degrees. In the central parts, the rainy season is shorter than the coast and the nights are colder. The most popular dishes are shwarma, hummus, and falafel. Fish varieties are consumed too. The fish called Snapper is one of the most delicious foods.

CodeLR (LBR)
Calling Code231
Capital CityMonrovia
Currencyliberian dollar (LRD)
Emoji Symbol🇱🇷
Highest PointMount Wuteve (1,440 m)
Total Area111,369 km2