Ecuador Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Ecuador Flag

Ecuador flag consists of golden yellow, blue and red colors. The golden yellow color covers the upper half of the flag, while the red and blue colors are horizontally located at the bottom of the flag.

The golden yellow symbolizes the richness of the country, while the blue means the natural beauty of the country, the sky and the ocean. The red color symbolizes freedom, independence, and the spilled blood. Right in the middle of the flag is the coat of arms of the country carried by the Andode, the symbol of power and courage.

These three colors also represent sister countries Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. These three countries use the same flag model and colors inspired by Great Colombia.

Ecuador Flag Map
Ecuador Flag Map

History of the Ecuador Flag

The Republic of Gran Colombia was a vast republic, including today’s Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador.

After Simón Bolívar, the leader of Venezuela, was crushed under Spanish colonialism, it was a tough struggle against the Spanish government to establish a united state that included all Latin America. But Venezuela gained independence in the 1810s.

As a result of this struggle, in 1819, a republic of Gran Colombia, including Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, was established and Simón Bolívar, who was elected as president, was named Libertador.

The story of the Ecuador Flag begins with Gran Colombia. The flag accepted during this period is similar to the current flag of Ecuador.

In the middle of the flag, consisting of three equally wide horizontal strips of yellow-blue-red respectively, were the coat of arms.

After Gran Colombia

The life of the Republic of Gran Colombia was not long and the united states were completely separated in 1830 as a result of wars. Seeing this utopian unity collapsed, Bolivar lost his life the same year. Ecuador, which became a country by itself, continued to use the similar flag of Gran Colombia period.

The colors on the new flag have been altered by small tonal changes and the flag size has been changed. The coat of arms in the middle of the flag was removed. In 1860, Ecuador changed the flag again and the colors were changed again in the colors of Gran Colombia. The yellow stripe in the flag was extended to cover half of the flag. This last flag, adopted in 1860, has been used unchanged in Ecuador since then.

Neighboring Countries of Ecuador

Ecuador Map
Ecuador Map

Located in South America. It is neighboring to Colombia in the north, Peru to the east and south to Peru. In the West of the country, the Great Ocean is located.

Main Characteristics of Ecuador

The Republic of Ecuador attracts many natural parks and green areas, although it does not include many historical sites. The capital, Quito, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The official language is Spanish. However, the Native American languages are also very common among the people. They use the US dollar as the currency.

It is under the influence of different climates. There is a tropical climate around the country and a tropical climate on the Pacific coast. The temperature starts to fall towards the interior.

Ecuador has a rich kitchen. They give importance to spice in their food. Shellfish and fish are among the most commonly consumed foods.

CodeEC (ECU)
Calling Code593
Capital CityQuito
Currencyunited states dollar (USD)
Emoji Symbol🇪🇨
Highest PointMount Chimborazo (6,267 m)
Total Area283,561 km2