Cambodia Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Cambodia Flag

Flag of Cambodia consists of three horizontal stripes with blue-red-blue. The red stripe is twice the size of the blue stripe. On the red band is the depiction of white Angkor Wat centered. The colors of the flag of Cambodia are of great importance in the country. The two colors represent the courage, freedom, cooperation and brotherhood of the nation. Located in the middle of the flag, Angkor Wat represents justice, heritage and integrity. The flag represents the country’s religion, its king and its people.

Cambodia Flag Map and Meaning 1

Cambodia Flag Map

History of the Cambodia Flag

The national flag of Cambodia in its present form was first adopted in 1948 and was re-adopted in 1993 after the selection of the Constituent Assembly and the restoration of the monarchy. Since 1850, the Cambodian flag has used a depiction of Angkor Wat in the center.

The current Cambodian flag was introduced in 1948. This flag was used until October 9, 1970, until a new flag was introduced by Lon Nol’s Khmer. In 1975, the flag was reconsidered. The Democratic Kampuchea state, which lasted from 1975 to 1979, started in 1976 and used a red flag with a yellow and three towered Angkor Wat design.

Vietnamese Invasion

After the invasion of Vietnam in 1979, People’s Republic of Kampuchea was founded. The Kampuchean National United Front for National Liberation revived the flag that Khmer Issarak adopted during the days of anti-French resistance against the new state. This flag had the same design as the flag of the Democratic Kampuchea, but the five-tower Angkor Wat silhouette was yellow. When People’s Republic of Kampuchea changed itself to ‘State of Cambodia’ in 1989, the lower half of the flag turned blue. The United Nations Transitional Authority flag was used in 1992-1993 in conjunction with the State of Cambodia flag.

In 1993, the Cambodian flag in 1948 was reinstated. The flag of Cambodia, with the flag of Afghanistan, the flag of Spain and the flag of Portugal, is one of the four countries with a building on it. Red and blue are the traditional colors of Cambodia. The flag used today is the same as the flag used in 1948, but the old flag sometimes uses a black border for Angkor Wat, while the current flag uses red border.

Neighboring Countries of Cambodia

Cambodia Flag Map and Meaning 2

Cambodia, a country located in Southeast Asia, borders Thailand on the northwest, Laos on the northeast and Vietnam on the east. It is also located on the southwest coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

Main Characteristics of Cambodia

The most visited historical place of the Kingdom of Cambodia is the Angkorian Temple, which remained from the Kingdom of Angkor. Every year many tourists visit the country to see this temple. Phnom Penh; is the largest city in the country. It is the economic, cultural and political center of Cambodia. In addition to the official language Khmer, French is also one of the languages spoken. They use Riel as currency.

It is under the influence of monsoon winds and rains. Arid climate prevails between November and May. The average annual temperature varies between 20-36 degrees. It is under the influence of French and Thai cuisine. Local cuisine is called Kymer kitchen. Meat dishes are consumed quite a lot.

CodeKH (KHM)
Calling code855
Capital cityPhnom Penh
Currencycambodian riel (KHR)
Emoji symbol🇰🇭
Highest pointPhnum Aoral (1,810 m)
Total area181,035 km2