What is the Capital of Kenya?

What is the Capital of Kenya? Kenya’s capital is Nairobi. It is the largest city in both Kenya and East Africa. Founded in 1899 as a railway stop, the city has grown rapidly.

What is the Capital of Kenya? 1

As it has the best infrastructure in East Africa, it is in the sight of companies that want to do business in the region. The city is also one of the first stops of tourists coming to the region to safari.

When did Nairobi Become the Capital?

What is the Capital of Kenya? 2

Until the Uganda Railway was built in 1899, it became a deserted marsh, and later it became the center of the iron railway. After the plague epidemic and burning of the town in the early 1900’s, it was completely rebuilt. The location of the Nairobi railway station was chosen due to its central location between Mombasa and Kampala. It is also preferred because of the high availability and availability of river nets.

In 1905, Mombasa was transformed into a capital under British rule. The city grew around hunting games and tourism. As the British invaders began exploring the region, they began to use Nairobi as the main harbor. This colonial government led the city to build magnificent hotels.

The city continued to grow up with British people living in the suburbs of the city. In 1919, Nairobi was declared a municipality.

Continuous expansion of the city, southward expansion of the city’s land began to anger Maasai. He also angered the people of Kikuyu who wanted his land to be given to them. After the end of World War II, this rift has turned into Mau Mau Uprising. Kenya’s future president, Jomo Kenyatta, was imprisoned for his position despite the absence of any evidence linking him. The pressure of the locals against the British resulted in Kenya’s independence in 1963 and the election of the new republic’s capital Nairobi.

Features of Nairobi

What is the Capital of Kenya? 3

It has a population of 2,750,547 million as of 2018. The surface area is 696 square kilometers. Under Köppen climate classification it has a subtropical climate. The sunniest and warmest month of the year is from December to March. The average maximum temperature for this period is 24 degrees.

It’s location is between Kampala and Mombasa. Because It is adjacent to the eastern tip of Rift Valley, occasional small earthquakes and trembling occur. Located in the west of the city, Ngong Hills is the most important geographical feature of the Nairobi region. Mount Kenya is located in the north of Nairobi and Mount Kilimanjaro Mountain is south-east straight.

Important Places to See in Nairobi

What is the Capital of Kenya? 4

Nairobi means green and wet place on the local level. It does not come at the forefront of tourist attractions, but it still has some features that attract tourists. The first thing that comes to mind is Nairobi National Park. In this park, you can find zebra, buffalo, giraffe, lion, cheetah, and bird species. You can also go to the training center “Nairobi Safari Walk”. Here you can have information about the protection of wildlife and natural life.

It is also Africa’s safari capital. Tourists usually choose one of several safaris. There are also ecotourism tours, restaurant excursions, cultural excursions, shopping and fun areas among the things to do and things to see during the day. At the beginning of places to visit in Nairobi; Nairobi National Park, Nairobi National Museum and Karen Blixen Museum.