Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil. Tourism in Brazil is a growing sector and the key to the economy of the various regions of the country. Brazil offers a wide range of options for both domestic and foreign tourists. Natural areas are the most popular tourism product, ecotourism with entertainment and recreation, especially sun and beach and adventure travel, as well as historical and cultural tourism.

In 2017, Brazil received approximately 7 million foreign tourists. The countries that visited Brazil the most are; Argentina, United States, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal.

1. Rio de Janeiro

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 1

Rio has a population of 6.3 million, where life lasts almost 24 hours without interruption. Despite the crowd, there are plenty of places in the city where you can be quiet. Also, Brazilians are the most time-consuming country in entertainment around the world.

2. Diving in the Bonito River

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 2

Bonito, linked to Mato do Sul, has the clearest river in the region. That’s why we call it Caribe do Centro-Oeste, which means Caribbean of the Midwest. The reason why the water is so clear is that the limestone is a natural water filter. The river is ideal for snorkeling dives.

3. Dance

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 3

Prepare for the dance, because Brazil is a dance floor. In Salvador you can take part in one-hour dance classes or practice in the Fortaleza nightclub. For a more energetic dance experience, you can try Capoeira, a combination of dance, music and Brazilian martial arts.

4. The Blue Lake Grotto

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The Blue Lake Grotto is the world’s largest underground lake and caves. Caves in Bonito in the Mato Grosso do Sul area were discovered in 1924. The cave has bright blue colored water and giant stalactites. Guided tours are organized with protective helmets to witness the flora and fauna of the region. But the water is not allowed to be touched.

5. Iguazu Falls

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 5
Iguazu falls view from Argentina

The world’s greatest waterfall separates Argentina and Brazil from each other. Furthermore, with the great part of the waterfalls remaining on the side of Argentina, the most magnificent landscapes are on the side of Brazil. You must stop in front of the waterfalls on the Brazil side and see all of them.

6. Jericoacoara

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 6

The small fishing village Jericoacoara, famous for its beach shelters, palm trees and sand dunes, is definitely worth a stopover. Moreover, simplicity is an important part here, until 20 years ago, there was no telephone, no electricity.

7. Nature

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 7

The main dwelling of 60% of Amazon rainforests with a great biological diversity is Brazil. The area has 62 National Parks, 55,000 different plant species, 3000 freshwater fish, 689 mammal species, 1832 different bird species and 744 reptile species.

8. Pantanal

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 8

The largest part of the world’s largest tropical wetland, Pantanal, is located in Brazil’s Mato Grosso region, stretching to Bolivia and Paraguay. Furthermore, this area is one of the best places to see jaguars and bird species.

9. Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 9

The creator of this spectacular museum is the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who lost his life at the age of 104 in 2012. Moreover, the museum in Curibita is home to exhibitions of visual arts, architecture and design.

10. Local Handicrafts

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 10

Brazil is one of the best in the world of handcrafts. Handmade baskets, glassware, ceramics, nutshells and cores made of jewelry can interest you.

Best Time to Travel to Brazil

It has a coastline that exceeds seven thousand kilometers. Brazil is also home to many important wildlife, ecological systems, large tropical forests and different habitats with the Amazon River basin.

Before being discovered by the Europeans in the 1500s, it still contained many tribal nations. Economically, it is one of the leading countries in the world; the world’s ninth largest economy. Brazil is also home to some of the Amazon rainforest that we can call the world’s lungs.

Weather in Brazil

Weather in Brazil

Brazilian climate varies from region to region due to the size of the altitude and area; certain climatic zones dominate the regions. Therefore, it is useful to make a strict climate and weather check according to where you want to go.

The equatorial belt dominates the geography of the rainforest. There is no winter season and it is rainy all year. The average temperature is between 25 and 28 degrees.

The semi-arid climate zone and the tropical climate zone are also effective throughout the country.

We have stated that the ideal time to travel varies from region to region. However, if you want to do a general tour within the country, the most suitable period will be April-June and August-October.

Another ideal interval is the period between November and February; Along with high temperatures, hotels and beaches are almost full during this period.

Seasons in Brazil

Tourism in Brazil, 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil 11
Seasons in Brazil
  • Spring – March, April and May.
  • Summer – June, July and August.
  • Autumn – September, October and November.
  • Winter – December, January and February.