South Korea Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the South Korea Flag

The first of the three main pieces that make up the South Korean flag is the white color with the background color, and the white South Korean flag represents happiness, peace, and love. The second part, the red and blue ying-yang pattern, represents the positive and negative two elements that keep each other in balance.

Three similar lines in the upper left corner represent the air, two short lines in the upper right corner, the water, the trigram consisting of long lines in the lower left corner, the fire, and the 6 short lines of equal length in the lower right corner represent the soil.

South Korea Flag Map and Meaning 1
South Korea Flag Map

History of the South Korea Flag

The history of the Korean flag dates back to 1882. When the Korean king Gojong gave Bakhjun-hyo an embassy in Japan, hyo had designed the first Korean flag, which looked like the current South Korean flag. The flag was used as the Korean flag on the 25th of September of the same year but was officially approved on March 6, 1883. In 1897 the Korean Empire was founded and Gojong was declared emperor.

In 1930, Korea was invaded by the Japanese. Although Japan was defeated after World War II in 1945, Korea could not wave its flag until 1948. After the war, Korea was divided into north and south. In line with the decision of the United Nations, the Southern region was given to the US administration and the Northern region was left to the Soviets. However, he failed to manage joint custody on both sides because of the beginning of the Cold War. As a result, Korea was divided into two different states.

The Korean anthem was first read in 1907. After this date, a few changes were made until the official acceptance in 1948. This march is now the national anthem of South Korea. In August 1948, South Korea’s first independent government was established, and Syngman Rhee was elected South Korea’s first president. In 1950, South Korea officially accepted the current flag.

Neighboring Countries of South Korea

South Korea Flag Map and Meaning 2

South Korea has three neighbors. South Korea, a state in the South of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia, is neighboring the People’s Republic of China to the west, Japan to the east and North Korea to the north.

Main Characteristics of South Korea

After the Second World War, after the withdrawal of the USSR and US military forces, North Korea and South Korea were divided. South Korea was founded in 1948 as a second democracy country. South Korea is governed by the presidential system and is a Republican state with 16 administrative divisions. The standard of living in the developed country is also very high.

South Korea, which is a member of the United Nations, World Trade Organization, OECD and G20, is also a founding member of the APEC and East Asia Summit.

According to the data of the International Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, South Korea has been registered as the country with the highest IQ ratio among the communities. According to the Americas and European countries, South Korea’s crime rate is quite low. It is quite safe to walk the streets late at night including major cities.

CountrySouth Korea
CodeKR (KOR)
Calling Code82
Capital CitySeoul
Currencysouth korean won (KRW)
Emoji Symbol🇰🇷
Highest PointHalla-san (1,950 m)
Total Area99,538 km2