Dominican Republic Flag Map and Meaning

Colors and the Meaning of the Dominican Republic Flag

The flag of the Dominican Republic consists of blue, red and white colors. The white cross, which horizontally and vertically divides the flag into four equal parts, symbolizes the nation that lost its life during the struggle for independence. The red color is the flowing blood during the freedom war and the blue is the constant freedom.

In the flag of the country used by the official institutions, the coat of arms of the country is in the middle.

Dominican Republic Flag Map and Meaning 1
Dominican Republic Flag Map

History of the Dominican Republic Flag

Captaincy, who was under Spanish rule under the name of General Dominoes Santo Domingo, was using the Cross of Burgundy flag. When Spain transferred Santo Domingo to France in 1795, the French blue-white-red vertical tri-color flag was introduced. When the Spanish Empire regained the region in 1809, the national flag returned back to Burgundy Cross.

In 1821 a small colony of Santo Dominico became the Spanish republic of Haiti, and a yellow-blue-red horizontal three-colored flag was accepted. The Republic lasted only until the beginning of 1822; This region was the Unification of Hispaniola under the Haitian Rule. The accepted flag was composed of two red and blue horizontal strips in the center with the coat of arms.

In 1844, the Dominican Republic gained independence from Haiti, and the new flag consisted of a white cross in the center and two strips of blue-red horizontal. The flag was replaced by two blue and two red rectangles with the white cross in the middle and national coat of arms. There is no coat of arms in civilian flags. The colors on the flag have certain meanings. While blue represents freedom, white represents salvation and has found its place in the flag for the heroes of the red Dominican Republic.

Neighboring Countries of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Flag Map and Meaning 2

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. The island of Hispaniola is located to the west of Puerto Rico, east of Cuba and Jamaica.

Main Characteristics of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, with its magnificent beaches and scenery, is in good condition and consists of islands. The capital of Santo Domingo is very popular with tourists. The official language is Spanish. The official currency in the country is the Dominican pesos. However, the US dollar is valid almost everywhere.

A tropical climate prevails. Regional temperature differences are experienced. August is suffocating hot. They use plenty of spices, onions, and garlic in their meals. Rice has an important place. Meat products and seafood dishes are often used. It is recommended to try the world-famous rum and tobacco.

CountryDominican Republic
CodeDO (DOM)
Calling Code1 809
Capital CitySanto Domingo
Currencydominican peso (DOP)
Emoji Symbol🇩🇴
Highest PointPico Duarte (3,098 m)
Total Area48,671 km2