What is the Capital of Algeria?

What is the Capital of Algeria? Algiers is the capital of Algeria and the largest city at the same time. Algiers, known as White City, is a city on the Mediterranean coast.

What is the Capital of Algeria? 1
Where is Algiers?

Between Tunisia and Morocco, the Mediterranean climate in the north and the desert climate in the south dominate the city is a port city on the shores of the Mediterranean. A history scene emerges almost everywhere in the city.

When did Algiers Become the Capital?

What is the Capital of Algeria? 2

On 4 July 1830, under the pretext of insulting the French consulate, the army under the direction of General Bourmont attacked the city. The French won victory. Algiers became the capital of French Algeria. Many Europeans settled in Algeria and formed the majority of the urban population in the early 20th century.

After the bloody struggle for independence that hundreds of thousands (mostly Algerians) died in the Algerian War of Algerian independence struggle, Algerian won Algerian Independence in 1962, and Algiers remained the capital of Algeria.

Algeria was the places where the demonstrations demanding the creation of a genuine democracy and the end of the single party system were made. The demonstrators were suppressed by the authorities, but the movement was a turning point in the political history of modern Algeria. In 1989, adoption of a new constitution ended the single-party rule and constituted more than eight political parties, as well as freedom of the press.

Features of Algiers

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Makam echahid, Jardin d’essai, port d’Alger – Photo depuis la Casbah d’Alger – Houbel, Botanical garden, Algiers harboura view from the Kasbah of Algiers

Algiers has a population of 1.97 million by 2018. The surface area is 1,190 square kilometers. The climate of Algeria is classified as hot and medium. Even in the driest months, the city is getting a lot of rain. The annual average temperature in Algiers is 20.3 degrees.

Algiers, a Mediterranean and African city, is under the influence of four different cultures. While this interaction adds flavor to the food, it adds a difference to the architecture. Algiers, also popular with its wines, is one of the oldest cities in the world producing wine. The best Algeria wine you can enjoy is Chateau Ramain.

In the city where the Mediterranean climate dominates, the average temperature in the summer ranges from 22-25 degrees. The currency is Algerian Dinar. If you want to enter the city with the dollar, you have to submit the amount of the dollar you have. Otherwise you can not change your money in the city. The best place to shop in Algiers is Didouche Mourad Street, the city’s main shopping mall. You can buy very nice souvenirs at cheap prices, learn about different spices and buy them from the famous Algeria.

Important Places to See in Algiers

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The town of Algiers has attracted many tourists from around the world, along with its meals, markets, historical background and Mediterranean Sea. It serves thousands of tourists every year. Natural life is very pleased with the taste and service blended with the influence of various cultures. You can also take a bus, tram or taxi to many parts of the city, by staying at the shoreline. At the beginning of the places to be see in Algiers; Botanical Garden Hamma, Martyrs’ Memorial Algiers and Notre-Dame d’Afrique.