What is the Capital of El Salvador?

San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador. The city is also the most developed city of El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America.

Capital of San Salvador Country Map
Where is San Salvador?

The city is located in the central part of the country close to the west. BoquerĂ³n was founded in the Volcanic Valley. San Salvador is a very important city for the country both culturally, politically and economically. It is a city that attracts attention with its colonial architecture, Gothic cathedrals, museums and the natural beauty of the valley.

When did San Salvador Become the Capital?

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San Salvador

San Salvador was founded in 1525 by the Spanish Pedro de Alvarado, 30km northeast of its current location and moved to its present location three years later. In 1546 he won the city title.

San Salvadore is a city that has maintained its importance in the region since the 16th century. The region was founded in 1823 in the united Provinces of Central America. In 1834 San Salvador became the capital of the united Provinces of Central America. In 1839, El Salvador served as a capital for five years until it gained its independence.

With the independence of El Salvador, San Salvador became the capital of El Salvador in 1839, and it still holds this title.

Features of San Salvador

San Salvador
San Salvador

San Salvador has a population of 1.7 million according to 2017 data. San Salvador has a surface area of 71.45 square kilometers. In San Salvador, where the tropical climate prevails, the temperature does not change much during the year. The average is 27 degrees. However, between November and February, it feels colder due to seasonal winds. This is usually around 23 degrees. The hottest period of the city is April and May. Temperatures rise to 32 degrees. The rainy season is between May and September.

The cuisine of El Salvador consists of dishes from the peoples of the Maya, Lenka and Pipil. It is also influenced by Spanish cuisine to a large extent. San Salvador has a wide coastline and is rich in seafood.

In El Salvador, it is common to see craft work. Ceramics, wood carving, wicker and textile products are frequently encountered. The capital San Salvador has many large shopping centers where you can find such products. The shopping mall Metrocentro is regarded as the largest shopping center in Central America.

Although the city is located on the Pan American highway that connects the cities in Central America, it is highly developed in terms of industry, but the regions where it has economic problems are also widespread.

Important Places to See in San Salvador

San Salvador
San Salvador

San Salvador is actually a bit dodgy as it is not a very touristic city. This is reflected in the number of tourists. Recently (1980-1992) they experienced a very bloody civil war and the psychological traces of this war can be seen everywhere. After this civil war, many people were displaced within the country, especially the capital San Salvador. However, there are natural beauties to be seen in the city.

Places to see in San Salvador are; Lake Ilopango, the San Salvador Volcano and the San Salvador Cathedral come.